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We are trying something new with our main YouTube channel at  In the past we would launch one video per week and make sure it was the best we could offer, with concise editing, music and scripted dialogues where necessary.

Anything else we filmed, such as keeper walk abouts, long form videos, mini clips, etc. would be posted at our secondary channel

It dilutes our branding to divide our videos across two channels, but we don’t want our loyal primary channel viewers at to be annoyed with a subscription to videos that would not ordinarily have made the cut.

In the comments below would you answer this question?

Do you prefer all of our videos to be on one channel at




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  • Betsy Pheil

    As long as I can get the videos from either channel, I'm most happy with the setup now. Thanks for asking!

  • Stu Elman

    One channel. I'm always trying to figure out where I saw one of your videos. Was it on this, that, or on Facebook? Having to search over 3 places gets tedious.


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