Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 3 2014

Genie the Sandcat is rushed to the vet when her keepers note that she is acting weird.


Genie Sandcat was sedated in a glass box used for domestic cats.



This was to make sedation easier on her since she is only 3.3 pounds and 14 years old.



Dr. Wynn keeps a close eye on her vitals.



The monitors are just all over the place, so she has to rely on feel, sound and instincts.



For such an old and tiny cat, Genie Sandcat has some fearsome teeth!



The tiniest mask straps are too big, so Carole holds the gas mask in place.



Sandcats are the softest of the exotic cat species.



No spinal issues and her lungs don’t look terrible, but she has a case of bronchitis.



This is good news, because Genie Sandcat is given a long lasting antibiotic shot and has a good chance at recovery.



Dr. Wynn gives her fluids, steroids and antibiotics to help tiny little Genie fight off her symptoms.



Genie Sandcat’s paw is the size of the tip of Jamie Veronica’s finger.




Sandcat paws are fully furred on the bottom for running on desert sands.


Violations at Big Cat Facilities 2011-2014


The USDA site doesn’t work most of the time and when it does it is so slow that most browsers will time out and quit before you can download the information you are looking for.  This information is current as of Oct. 3, 2014.

USDA Facilities with big cats who have had citations

USDA Facilities with big cats who have had repeat violations

USDA Facilities with repeat violations for all animal species



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  • Carole Baskin

    More Genie Sandcat photos at the vet yesterday.

  • Lisa Shaw

    Thank you for taking such good care of this feisty little girl! Get better Miss Genie!!!!

  • Bebe Nunn

    My favorite "wild" cat. Soooo cute.

  • Desiree Bos

    I'm so glad you and your staff are so observant. Bronchitis could easily have been over looked and turned into pneumonia. By then it could have been too late for this old gal.

  • M’Agnes SuperDiva

    Sooo small! That is half the size of my 5 month old kitten. Get well soon little Genie Sandcat.

  • Kimberly Jean McManus

    Speedy recovery little sandcat

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