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A big cat sighting in Oak Harbor is stirring up some talk. The wild beast was spotted Thursday in Oak Harbor less than a mile from an elementary school. The news and hype roared through Ottawa County as officials tried to trap the animal.

According to the first lady who saw it up close, she said it was a lion. Another woman guessed its tail was 3 feet long.

Sue Perrin saw the beast from about 200 yards away. Perrin manages Covenant Harbor Senior Living. One of her resident's granddaughters first spotted the animal near the courtyard, not far from RC Waters elementary.

Superintendent Diane Kershaw says, "Until we know exactly what we're dealing with, we brought students in from recess." Waters and Carroll Elementary moved all outdoor activities inside and alerted parents about the potential cat.

Oak Harbor's police chief has now become a big game hunter, sorting through raccoon tracks and faulty traps in search of – a lion? There are traps set beyond the senior living center, but nothing has been caught yet.

A big cat of some sort was first reported May 9 to the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office. A mountain lion sighting was reported last weekend in Gibsonburg.

No nearby wildlife areas have reported any missing big cats.


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