Ocelots 2nd Grade Science

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Read more about the bobcat at Ocelots  http://bigcatrescue.org/ocelot-facts/ or print out PDF


Ocelots have white, tan or reddish gray fur. Their fur has brown spots outlined in black. Their ears are black with a white or yellow spot. These spots are called flashes.


Ocelots have 1-2 babies in a litter. After they grow up, they move away from their family. They live alone most of the time.




1. What does Ocelot fur look like?


a. Stripes outlined in black

b. Stripes outlined in black

c. Spots outlined in pink

d. Stripes outlined in pink


2. What color(s) are Ocelot ears?


a. White, black & yellow

b. Green

c. Red


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