Ocelots 6-8th Grade Language Arts


Research ocelot facts at https://bigcatrescue.org/ocelot-facts/


The paragraph on social system and communication suggests that

•  Ocelots can be found in pairs

•  Ocelots need 10-36 square miles to survive

•  Ocelots use their markings to communicate

•  Vocal communication is only between a mother cat and her young



Why have many so people heard of ocelots? Use details and information from the article to support your answer.


The author uses the word exclusion to mean

•  Not sharing with others

•  Complete

•  Single

•  Only for the upper class



Which of these factors would contribute to the extinction of ocelots

•  Long gestation period

•  Habitat destruction

•  Small litter numbers

•  Deforestation

•  All of the above

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