Oct 13 2016

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Filming Pumpkin Fun with the Big Cats

Lots of Halloween fun today.  Watch for us on Facebook LIVE at Facebook.com/BigCatRescue

Workin' on some cat moves...

map of big catsAttached is a map with the cages and moves highlighted in red.

In order to prep we need to accomplish the following in relatively this order. It seems like the small cats may arrive before the tigers, so we should prioritize them. The tigers will be going into quarantine in the TX tigers's cages anyhow so that will give us some more time.

1. 3 concrete dens, doorway expansions, and lock out expansions throughout Rusty and Sassy Caracal's old enclosure. Connect to Vacation Rotation tunnel.

2. Clean and prep Kalahari Serval's old enclosure and Nala Serval's old enclosure.

3. Move Zimba & Zouletta Serval to Kalahari's old enclosure and move Jojo Caravel to Nala's old enclosure (this will put a serval/caracal hybrid in between the two species on the tour path.)

4. Clean and prep Zimba/Zouletta old enclosure.

5. Move Gilligan to Zimba/Zouletta old enclosure.

6. Clean and prep Gilligan Canada Lynx old enclosure (for lynx), Jojo old enclosure (for 2 bobcats), Sundari Leopard's 2 additional enclosures (1 leopard, 1 cougar), and empty enclosure by Kali Tiger.

7. Clean and prep for cougars; Andi Bobcat, Banshee Bobcat, and Jojo's old enclosures.

8. Move all cougars to new section between Cheetaro Leopard and Nikita Lion and move Cougar "cubs" across the street to Rusty/Sassy old enclosure.

9. When hospital care is done, move Nala Serval to Mac Cougar's old enclosure. (this will put a yellow serval in between 2 white servals to show the color variation and will also be a lower roof to prohibit her climbing)

10. Clean and prep for tigers all cages in current "cougar island"
Jamie Veronica
President of Big Cat Rescue -
A permanent sanctuary for big cats &
rehabilitation center for native FL bobcats

New York City Residents Only

NYC Council Hearing To Ban Wild Animals In The Circus

Big news, animal advocates! NYC might be the next city to ban animal circuses! We need all hands on deck to make it a reality! After 11+ years of activism and the leadership and perseverance of NYC Council Member Rosie Mendez, City Hall will FINALLY hold a hearing on the bill to ban the use of wild animals in the circus, Intro 1233!  Members of the public - you, the advocates - are invited to testify in support of the bill. Our opponents will be there in force and spare no expense so it's imperative that you show up and voice your support to the Council! Please RSVP here http://www.nyclass.org/circushearing so that we can organize and coordinate our testimony!

October 20, 2016 at 9am - 1pm
City Hall Council Chambers
260 Broadway
Broadway between Park Pl and Murray St
New York, NY 10007
United States

Look up your council member here:  http://council.nyc.gov/html/members/members.shtml

Ask them to support the Ban on Wild Animals in the Circus (Bill #1233)


Snow Leopard Trust Update

Some exciting news from Kyrgyzstan.  Researchers have captured the elusive snow leopard on camera in Shamshy, a former hunting concession that has been co-managed as a Wildlife Sanctuary by the Kyrgyz government and conservationists since 2015.

The press release is attached and more details can be found on www.snowleopard.org.

Snow Leopard Trust researcher, Örjan Johansson, recently published a groundbreaking study where he could show that most Protected Areas in the snow leopards’ habitat are too small to hold viable snow leopard populations. In this article, he explains how he and his team calculated snow leopard home ranges using data from cats they tracked with GPS collars.  It will soon be published in the Biological Conservation (November 2016) and a summary of the findings can be seen here.


Kindest Regards,

Marissa B. Niranjan
Snow Leopard Trust
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N. #325
Seattle, WA 98103


Facebook LIVE Winner

Christina Piper was the first to answer the question correctly yesterday and won her pick of any one thing at BigCatRescue.biz up to $25.00 value.

sale long sleeved big cat tee


Operant Conditioning

Big Cat Rescue’s Animal Training Program is based on operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a type of learning in which behaviors are altered by the consequences that follow them. The behaviors are not forced, but “caught”, reinforced and therefore trained. We train only natural behaviors, no entertainment types of behaviors.

Check out our main YouTube channel at BigCatTV.com


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