Oct 2 2016

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Wildcat Walkabout was a HUGE Success!

I want to purr-sonally thank everyone who participated in this epic event; the patrons, the vendors, the staff, volunteers and all of their family members, who made this such a fun and prosperous event.  I was a little worried at 11 am when I saw the line of people to get in that stretched about 1/8th of a mile down Easy Street, but the good news was the over 300 of them managed to be admitted in under 30 minutes.  People who came a little later didn't have to wait at all.

If you missed the love - fest at Big Cat Rescue yesterday, be sure to get your Lion Ark tickets now, because we will all be there to have some great food and watch a heart warming movie about how circus lions were freed.  There will be a special viewing of Hoover Tiger's rescue at the end too!

November 17, 2016 at 7pm: Tampa, FL
Studio Movie Grill – Tampa — 12332 University Mall Ct., Tampa, FL 33612
Ticket booking: Book online here

Here is the Facebook event page, if you are able to share:https://www.facebook.com/events/1013006455485101/

Who Won the Facebook LIVE Contest?

The question was:  Name the 5 conservation efforts that will be funded from the proceeds of the Wildcat Walkabout.

The answer was:  Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Canada Lynx or Clouded Leopard

The winners were:

Barb Colvin · 0:00 Tiger lion jaguar Canada Lynx clouded leopard

Adawn-Rae Patricia Kedward Fidler · 2:30 tiger, clouded leopard, canada lynx, lion, jaguar

Vibeke Kolle Vendelboe Jespersen · 3:23 Tiger, Clouded leopard, Canada lynx, jaguar, lion

Lyndsay Allen Hodges · 0:00 Lion, tiger, canadian lynx, clouded leopard and jaguar

We are sending hats to all four because Facebook was clearly not stamping the time right as two were at 0:00.  If you are named here, and haven't heard from me yet, please email Cat@BigCatRescue.org


How Can I Get a Job at Big Cat Rescue?

That's a question I hear every day.  Here is the answer:

Ever Wonder Which is Worse: Circus or Zoo?

Find out what I think about that here: http://bigcatrescue.org/circusvszoo/


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