Oct 21 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

The new cats are settling in.  Nabisco, Sassy and Josie are eating.  The rest are still too scared to come into lockout but we did put a camera trap on Dryden and Kewlona and they are eating after dark.

We are creating pages for all of the new cats, as we learn more about them.  You can go to BigCatRescue.org/catbio to click on their linked names to the pages.  As we learn more they are being updated.  Like today we found a video online that said Smalls was found drowning in a creek in Wyoming.

Jamie's note to the vet team yesterday morning:

I think we should set a date to spay both Smalls and Kewlona asap since they were both with males that were not neutered. Smalls is very fat.

We will probably have to net them as neither are going into lockout for food.

Smalls actually came out of the den early evening and I got a very good look at her. She is fat and was licking her butt a lot and shaking her back leg.

Kewlona has a lot of matts on her back.

Nabisco the kitten appears to be a male.

I have not seen Dryden out of the den.

Susann Mesna Kitten Flick

Biff falling asleep while sitting above.

FAQ Friday: Do We Allow Visitors?

Big Cat Rescue is open to the public six days a week. Find out more about the guided educational tours we have to offer.

Facebook LIVE Contest Winners

Since we haven't had a contest in a few days, we did THREE today!  Here are the winners:

Laura Darnall, Mark Wiley & Shawna Prested who have all been notified via Facebook to:  Pick any one item, up to $25 at BigCatRescue.biz and if it has variables, pick the size and color, and then send me the exact URL of the item to send you and where to mail it.



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