Oct 23 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Apache Bobcat (photo above) Vet Issue: acting weird  Notes: Was eating very slowly and gingerly this morning. He did eat everything but it took him longer than normal.  Reported By: Brittany/Nanci

Banshee Bobcat Notes: AM- Ate 11.2 oz of chicken breast (whole diet)  Reported By: Sarah D./Mark  Keepers have all commented on how much better he likes his new area.  He doesn't have to coaxed to eat now.

Smalls Bobcat still isn't eating on her own, but she will clean her fur if it gets icky, so we are going to run her food through a blender and syringe it into her mouth, if possible, or onto her fur, if not, to get her eating again.

Joseph Lion knows how to take a relaxing vacation:

Thank you Susann Mesna for this video from the LIVE web cam at http://explore.org/live-cams/player/big-cat-rescue-vacation-rotation

360 Video of Smalls Bobcat Dental

Drag your mouse, or move your phone around to see around the room in 360.

Gamers!  Fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue

gaming for kitties 2016


Another Year, another gaming marathon! October 29-30 2016!

This is the 5th annual Gaming for Kitties marathon and we hope it will be our biggest and best yet.  For the new people, Gaming for Kitties is a gaming marathon unlike any other you have ever experienced.  We give away a prize every hour for the whole 48 hour stream.  We play games you have never seen before.  There are laughs, fun, and one of the best online communities you have ever experienced.  And did we mention prizes?

Many thanks to our host at tigerdile for allowing us to use their streaming service to host the marathon.  You can catch Kitties as well as other streams at http://littletales.tigerdile.com.  Our goal this year is $15,669, because we have made a total of $34,331 in the past, and if we can make our goal, it will be $50,000 we will have earned for Big Cat Rescue in the five years we have been running.

Cub Forced to Swim for Paying Customers

This newly released undercover video is difficult to watch, but it perfectly illustrates why cub petting schemes must be banned. NOW.

The abuse in this video took place in 2015 and 2016 at Dade City's Wild Things, which is less than an hour from Big Cat Rescue. We believe this roadside zoo is one of the worst breeders, exploiters and abusers of tiger and lion cubs in the country...and this heartbreaking treatment of cubs there continues today.

Passage of the the federal bill we support called the Big Cat Public Safety Act will END THIS CRUELTY TO CUBS! Please learn more and take action for cubs here: BigCatAct.com

See the video here:

and then take action at the bottom of this page:  http://investigations.peta.org/tiger-cub-photos-dade-city-wild-things/

ALDF Sues Houston’s Downtown Aquarium Over Tiger Treatment

Houston Downtown Aquarium White Tiger AbuseThe Animal Legal Defense Fund has served the owner of four white tigers, Landry’s Inc., with a notice of intent to sue for Endangered Species Act violations. The tigers are held captive at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium in deplorable conditions, without access to sunlight, fresh air or natural surfaces. They have offered to rehome the tigers at no cost to Landry’s in lieu of litigation, but a statement released by the company suggests they do not intend to work with them. These tigers deserve so much more, and ALDF will pursue litigation to see that they are given the protections we believe they are guaranteed under the law. Keep an eye on their website for updates on this case.

Meditating for Cats

This may seem a little weird if you have never meditated, but I'm willing to try just about anything to create a world where all wild cats live free.  If you are with me on that goal, give yourself an hour to relax and listen to that inner voice that knows how to make you the most effective AdvoCat you can be.


Facebook LIVE Winner

Today's winner was Jayme Scholtes for being the first to correctly answer that Smalls and Nabisco were the cats we had mixed up during the recent rescue.


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