Oct 24 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Pharaoh and Kewlona

Pharaoh Serval was sedated for an exam today. He has been limping. There was nothing abnormal on his X-rays. His blood work was average for a cat his age (17). He had one bad canine and one molar removed. He will be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks. Please check his med chart for medications.

Kewlona Bobcat was spayed today. She will spend 7-10 days recovering in the cat hospital.

Smalls Bobcat has been moved back out to her enclosure. She has refused to eat in the cat hospital so we are putting her outside early.


Susann Mesna Shares Dragonfly Conversing w/ Tiger

Today I was standing outside the Windsong Memorial Cat Hospital, conversing with two dragonflies.  Jamie walked out and said she's been watching me from the window, because she didn't want to interrupt me, if I was on the phone.  When she realized I was just talking to dragonflies again, she decided she could interrupt the conversation.

This book turned me into a vegetarian in the 90's

sale book losing paradise

Book - Losing Paradise

A Roar For The Big Cats

This feature story on Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue was first published in The New Barker Dog Magazine, Winter 2015. We are posting the story in The New Barker blog in light of recent reports to the USDA of abuse at another Florida facility, Wild Things in Dade City.

A Roar For The Big Cats.

Global Big Cat News

Perhilitan Officials roll back a major Exotic Pet Network

Score yet another victory up for Malaysian wildlife officials. In a string of five raids conducted simultaneously in the states of Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan, officials from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) seized a total of 32 wild animals, worth more than RM500,000, and arrested five people, including one prospective buyer.

Perhilitan Officials roll back a major Exotic Pet Network


US bans captive-bred lion trophies: Loopholes must be checked

The US Fish and Wildlife Services have effectively ruled that Captive-bred lions serve no conservation purpose by banning any imports of captive bred lion trophy heads, skins, claws, teeth, and other lion parts from those kills.



More Snow Leopards Are Dying Due To Poaching And Retaliation

The Guardian reports that between 259 and 450 snow leopards are annihilated every year since 2008. NGO said that the number could be higher as the killings in some isolated areas are not identified.




New York City is one step closer to banning wild animals in circuses. The new proposal has been gaining momentum, and now even Mayor Bill de Blasio is voicing his support of the measure.



Tiger cub found prowling the streets of Vladivostok

Specialists in Vladivostok have captured a young tiger roaming the streets of the city. Residents reported the wild cat to authorities, Interfax reports, and wildlife protection officers went to the location and caught the animal.

“This young tiger is about 265 lbs., aged approximately one to one-and-a-half years,” said Sergei Aramilev, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Amur Tiger Center.



Predators Unlimited Update

Jeremy Possman and his wife founded Predators Unlimited, possibly because they decided that the real money is in tigers and lions instead of alligators. The “sanctuary”/ business is run from the Possman’s backyard, where a menagerie of exotics, including tigers, lions, leopards, bobcats, wolves, primates, and even a Florida Panther live in ramshackle cages.



Throwback to Halloweens Past


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