Oct 3 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Shout out to the explore.org AdvoCats who keep such a diligent eye on all our webcam cats for capturing this video of a snake leaping at TJ tiger.

We were able to rush to the scene to make sure he was OK.  Keepers believe it was a harmless water snake, but we will keep a close eye on TJ anyway.  Thank you Robin for reporting it and Susann for the video.

The other fussy eaters are still eating OK.

Nala Serval is still bored out of her mind in the Recovery Cat Hospital.

Diable the Savannah Cat did NOT escape, thanks to some watchful Keepers.  Find out more in the video below.

Wildcat Walkabout Numbers

The preliminary proceeds from Saturday's Wildcat Walkabout are in:

Clouded Leopard: $1732.60
Lion: $1,999
Tiger: $2,932
Jaguar: $2,361
Canada Lynx: $2,788

Total: $11,812.60 ($11,500 conservation bucks, $312.60 cash donations)

Lauren Buckingham, Research Director

We are still calculating the costs and any other sales that may have generated money for the in situ efforts, but this is pretty close.

sale tee wildcat walkabout

Wildcat Walkabout

Who Won Today's Facebook LIVE Contest?

The question was:  Name 2 cats at Big Cat Rescue who are related.

The winners were:

Janine Garvey Lehrer · 30:04 Arthur amanda

LeighAnn Menard Vallot · 30:03 Ares Artemis

Michael Heap · 30:01 jade and armani

Amy Snowden-brooks · 29:58 Sabre juju

bearYesterday I got a call about an injured bear but our vet is in South Africa and we can't use controlled tranquilizers without the vet.

I mentioned it in the Facebook LIVE session today, but didn't know this until afterward, courtesy of Redhead132

More about the Stop the Florida Bear Hunt group at:



Stop Illinois Bobcat Hunt

The Humane Society of the United States will be leading an effort to end bobcat hunting in IL.

For the first time in 40 years, bobcats in Illinois will be hunted, trapped, and hounded as the first bobcat season officially begins in November. So far, over 5,000 people have applied for a bobcat permit. It is disturbing to see the level of enthusiasm for killing an animal just for its pelt and it seems every trapper in Illinois wants to kill a bobcat. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has claimed there are roughly 5,000 bobcats statewide. The IDNR is allowing a lottery for 500 bobcat permits to be issued and at this rate, the population could be depleted and bobcats will certainly end up back onto the state’s threatened species list—unless we do something about it. Your voice and support has never been more important. We will need your help in January as we introduce legislation to prohibit trapping of bobcats and the sale of their pelts. This legislation is critical in order to protect bobcats from cruel and painful steel-jawed leghold traps, conibears, and snares. We will keep you updated on how to get involved as the spring legislative session approaches.  Get involved here: http://www.humanesociety.org/community/volunteers/volunteer-district-leader.html

hsus protects wild bobcats

Bobcats have long been the target of hunters and trappers. Still, the primary threat to this great cat is over-trapping and the loss of habitat.The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust celebrates and protects wild animals by creating permanent sanctuaries, preserving and enhancing natural habitat and confronting cruelty.

Land owners who have property that provides valuable wildlife habitat know that such lands are rapidly disappearing to development and other exploitative uses. Refusing to sell to those who would destroy the land is an admirable, but temporary, defense against unwanted changes to the land and disruption or destruction to the wildlife it harbors. Permanent protection of both land and wildlife is possible, though, and that is what the Wildlife Land Trust enables landowners to achieve. If you have land in Illinois and want to learn how to donate it to the Wildlife Land Trust, please visit this link for more information.

Halloween Event to Benefit Big Cat Rescue

Descend to the eerie basement of the Cuban Club for the new "Ybor is Haunted at Murder House" haunted attraction. Benefits Big Cat Rescue. 7PM every Friday and Saturday night in October till midnight. Cuban Club, 2010 N Avenida Republica De Cuba, Tampa. $10. (813) 605-3323. http://www.murderhousetampa.com/event-dates-times/


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