Oct 31 2016

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Happy Halloween from Big Cat Rescue

Remember to keep your pets (especially black cats) inside tonight!

Keeping your cat inside on and around Halloween is your first priority, but it's not enough. All the trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell over and over and yelling every time the door opens may scare the wits out of the bravest cat. Here's what you need to do to help ensure your cat's safety and comfort on Halloween:

halloween-black-kitten-meanIf your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, start keeping him indoors the week before Halloween night.

Secure your cat in a comfy room with everything he will need on the night of trick-or-treat: his litter box, favorite nap cushion, food, water, and toys.

Make sure your cat has a place to hide.

Give your cat something to distract him from all the nerve-wracking noise going on in and outside the house.

Most importantly, visit your cat frequently in his room and be reassuring and affectionate so he won't feel he's being punished.

As tempting as it may be, don't parade Halloween costumes in front of your cat. Cats do get frightened when their human companions look different from usual.

Keep your cat away from Halloween candles and Jack-o-Lanterns.

If you have a Halloween party, keep your cat secure in his haven for the duration of the festivities. Put a sign on the door informing guests not to open it and not to let the cat out.

Don't let your cat get into decorations that could be harmful to him.

Watch out for candy wrappers because they can also be harmful if your cat ingests them.

Find out more at http://www.cathealth.com/safety/halloween-safety-for-cats

Can YOU spot the big cat?

It's a Big Cat Halloween

Big Cat Workshop Report

I just got back at midnight last night, from the Big Cat Workshop in Denver, CO, so I'm feeling like a Zombie.  Good thing it's Halloween.

Seriously though, this was a great event that was hosted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  The first of these workshops was hosted in 2013 where both accredited and non accredited big cat facilities were invited to collaborate on ways to improve welfare for captive big cats.  It really helped us get to know and trust each other more and that love and respect just grew ten fold at this weekend's event.  There were about 19-20 rescue centers represented.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to our supporters to hear about was during one of the breaks.

Tanya Smith is the founder and President of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.  She's a tall, stoic woman and recently took on the added responsibility of 110 tigers, bears and other wild animals in Colorado, in addition to her own huge operation in Arkansas.  She looked like she was at the end of her rope.  Her curator, Emily, seemed to still have something left to run on, but Tanya just appeared to be reaching the brink.  She told me about how she'd had to call on every current and past volunteer and intern to try and help both run the AR operation and mop up the CO operation while finding new homes for all the animals in the CO facility.   Knowing we are about as far as you can be from all of that action, I asked if it would help for us to send staff and / or volunteers to help.

Her answer was a resounding YES!  Soooo,


Big Cat Rescue is right now taking part in the largest rescue of big cats in U.S. history. A number of accredited sanctuaries are collaborating in the unprecedented challenge of rescuing 110 big cats and bears in Colorado. This is a daunting challenge and we really need your financial support.

Big Cat Rescue has agreed to take in 4 of the tigers and provide them with a safe, peaceful home and lifetime care. We will share more details about the tigers as we get them; we understand there are two bonded pairs and they are in their teens. We anticipate the cats to arrive in Tampa in mid November.

The lead accredited sanctuary in this monumental rescue effort is Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) located in Arkansas. On September 21, 2016, TCWR, in partnership with Tigers in America, purchased the property and equipment of a Colorado-based animal facility, whose owner is in poor health and wanted to ensure the well-being of the 110 animals on the property. He donated the animals, which include more than 70 tigers, to TCWR with the understanding that they would put the welfare of the animals first.

TCWR has been on the ground in Colorado since September with their keepers and former interns to provide care for the cats and get them ready to go to their new homes at sanctuaries around the country. But they need help. So we are sending several Big Cat Rescue keepers to Colorado in the next few days to assist in preparing our 4 tigers for the big move to Tampa and help out in any other ways they can. As you can imagine, the folks from TCWR could really use the help during this monumental rescue effort.

Give to Big Cat RescueCan we count on YOU to help us send some of our keepers to Colorado? This is your chance to be part of a rescue as it happens and REALLY make a difference in the lives of big cats! Please donate as generously as you can so we can send our keepers to Colorado to meet our new cats and begin prepping them for the big move! THANK YOU!

Amanda Tiger's Letter To The Management:

Dear Sir/Madam,

FOUR NEW TIGERS? Four new tigers? What are you thinking?

Do you realize what my life is like already trying to keep my brothers in line? You wonder why I am a tiny bit cranky sometimes. If you had to keep these two boys in line you would be cranky, too!

Just what I need, two more females for them to drool over. It’s not bad enough that whenever Zabu is on vacation they walk around with their eyes popping out of their heads and their tongues hanging out, now I’m going to have to worry about two more females.

And poor TJ. Heaven knows he can’t get sleep now; wait until Hoover smells the new girls on the block. There will be mooing 24 hours a day. TJ will need something to give him some relief. I suggest Southern Comfort. For that matter, I want some, too. Please fill my water bowl with it immediately.

Tiger-Amanda_04Four new tigers. Sigh …….


Amanda Tigress
(sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

Donate Unwanted Gift Cards to Save Big Cats!

You probably have a wallet full of gift cards you are never going to use, or finish using. Donate any unwanted gift cards and they will go directly to helping Big Cat Rescue. Your gift card donations are greatly appreciated! Donate them here:  http://www.nonprofitgiftcard.com/bcr


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