Oct 5 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Tiger Lilly and Little Dove only ate about half of their meals yesterday.

Tonga was vomiting and the vet was called, but we decided to wait another day before stressing him out with netting and restraining.  Yesterday the cats were all dewormed with Ivermectin, so they might feel a little sick the day after.

The Texas Tigers caught a vulture.  Gale really struggled, but managed to retrieve it. The big cats won't eat them as they are just too disgusting.

Jumanji Leopard was started on Gabepentin for pain management.  We have to be very careful with his pain meds because he is prone to seizures, but Dr. Wynn says that this medication is often used with epileptics.

In celebration of World Animal Day, Big Cat Rescue hosted our 3rd annual Wildcat Walkabout. This is a charity event that raises money for conservation projects benefiting big cats in the wild.  If you loved that bobcat photo tee the man was wearing in the video, you can get one for yourself below and help support our cats at the same time!

Thor photo tee


Last Day to VoteCats.com

Requesting YOUR HELP - A vote for the cats takes a single mouse click.

The kittens NEED YOUR Vote at VoteCats.com The dogs are more than 9,500 votes ahead of the cats. Your daily vote CAN Make A Difference -- just 1 day left to vote!!

Please vote and challenge your friends to do the same.

playing Siamese kitten

Update from CITES

Blood Lions was be shown at the conference.

The trade in lion bone came up in the closed working group that we were not privy to. India had a prepared statement not officially opposing it but making their concerns noted on the record. However the chair was moving through issues so fast India did not have an opportunity to push their button before she declared the proposal was adopted.

The conference has finished a day early so the exhibition booths are being torn down and the closing ceremony was yesterday.  -  Jamie Veronica

Letter To the Management:

Dear Sir/Madam,

mooverI am writing to you again concerning some issues that need to be addressed.

First of all, the mooing from the cow next door has not stopped; on the contrary, it has increased  Moo, moo, moo, all night long.  I am forced to sleep during the day because I can’t get any sleep at night.  And heaven forbid there is a rainstorm, because that seems to excite him and results in even MORE mooing.

As a result, I suggest that the Management immediately put in place a Noise Ordinance stating that there must be silence from all the residents after 10 pm.  I think that is a reasonable time for everyone to stop mooing, chuffing, roaring, chirping, etc.  I have no problem if anyone wants to stay up all night, but they should be required to do so quietly.

Next, I formally request a toy in my lake.  I loved Peg the Keg, and now the cow has her on his side of the lake.  As the longer of the two residents, I feel it only fair that I should be given more consideration and be given a toy in my side of the lake to play with.

Which brings me to my most serious concern.  SNAKES.  I don’t like snakes.  They are slithery and slimy and sneaky.  And one JUMPED OUT at me in my enclosure yesterday!  It’s a good thing I have excellent reflexes and was able to get out of its way.  It’s also a good thing I wasn’t hungry, because that snake would have made a tasty little snack.

Making matters worse, the snake then slithered into my side of the lake.  MY SIDE OF THE LAKE!  I hope it finds its way to the other side because that’ll really give that cow something to moo about.  But in the meantime, I request that the lake be checked to make sure that snake is gone.  I don’t want to go swimming and have something biting at me or my private bits while I’m trying to get some exercise or cool off.  Please send Josh immediately with a net.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely,  TJ Tiger 

(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

tj tiger dreams of cows

Photo courtesy of Cathy Sell and Lori Duska

Sanctuary Updates

We bought a beautiful 2016 3/2 mobile home that is 1,706 square feet.  It has a great, open floor plan and a closet big enough to make into a 4th bedroom.  Our dealer sold it to us for a shockingly low price of $68,100.00 including A/C, delivery, set up and skirting.  It will replace the "goose house" outside the gates at Big Cat Rescue.  I'm not sure if we will use it for intern housing or as a rental to generate income for the sanctuary, but in either case it was too good a deal to pass up.

In other good news the permits have finally been issued for the Crimson Sunset trailer to be set up and we are almost done with the culvert permit for the Puma Pad.  We only paid about 16,350 for the Puma Pad but it's a 2008 model, I think, and needs some cosmetic exterior work.  The inside is very nice.

Bobcat Rehab Expansion:  The workers are setting the second cage's exterior poles and will be connecting the apron of chain link to the side walls to prevent the bobcats from digging out.  Captive bred big cats don't dig, but the wild ones sure do!  We will then cover that apron with dirt and grass so the cats aren't walking on fencing.

Gale began deconstruction of Windstar the Bobcat's old cage.  She's turning it into barricade to allow visitors to go down three sides of the FunCation.

All morning I've heard my sweet brother out there taking on a giant oak tree that died last year.  It's HUGE and he's reached about all he cat with the chainsaws and pole saws. He seems determined to take out the dead branches on his own, rather than call a tree service though.

Hurricane Matthew

Whenever we are in the path of a hurricane, people always ask how we contend with one.  Here's what we do to prepare:  http://bigcatrescue.org/critical-incident-hurricane-and-disaster-plan/

ResQwalk app

October is here, and so is ResQwalk's $3,900.00 ResQpool. Now that the cooler temperatures have hit most of North America, it's time to increase in your pet walking mileage.

Remember to use the ResQwalk app while you are taking part in pet walking events events, and encourage other walk/marathon participants to download the app and support Big Cat Rescue.  http://resqwalk.com/


Please Take Action!

alert randy tiger pimpFANTASTIC UPDATE:

After hearing from over 3,600 people like you, we've spoken to Auburndale Central Elementary again and have confirmed they will NOT have Dade City’s Wild Things (DCWT)  back to their school with a cub! We are going to work with them to plan some Big Cat Rescue-style education about cubs and activities for the kids!

Thank you for your continuing compassion for exotic cats. YOU are the only voice these cubs have!

If you would still like to help, we have crafted the email to ask USDA and the Florida Wildlife Commission to ban cub handling so that schools can't make such terrible mistakes in the future.

Take action here:  http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=19796

Thank you for your continuing compassion for exotic cats. YOU are the only voice these cubs have!

The following was the original alert:


Speak up for an exhausted-looking lion cub paraded around an elementary school!

Big Cat Rescue was dismayed and very concerned to learn that the notorious roadside zoo Dade City’s Wild Things (DCWT) in Florida recently brought this exhausted-looking lion cub to visit the young, impressionable students at Auburndale Central Elementary School in Auburndale, Florida.

DCWT has numerous USDA violations of the Animal Welfare Act dating back over a decade and was sued by USDA last year for several violations, including stress to a young tiger cub during handling and while being used as a photo prop for visitors during swimming encounters at their backyard zoo.

Big Cat Rescue reached out several times to Auburndale Central Elementary Principal Octavia May and to Literacy Coach Sara Stoquert, who seems to have hired DCWT to bring the lion cub to the school. We explained that DCWT has USDA violations, learning to read has absolutely nothing to do with displaying a live lion cub to school, and that it sends the very wrong message that Auburndale Central Elementary thinks it is okay to exploit and use wild animals as entertainment. We received no response.

What’s even more concerning is that the elementary school plans to have a DCWT keeper back again in a few weeks – this time with a tiger cub! Please help us educate Auburndale Central Elementary that it’s cruel, not cool to exploit these wild cubs and parade them about in front of children. Teaching children that it’s okay to display and exploit cubs should not be part of the school curriculum! Ask Auburndale Central Elementary to CANCEL the upcoming visit by the tiger cub and to instead teach their students that wild cats are to be respected and treated humanely.

Thank you for your continuing compassion for exotic cats. YOU are the only voice these cubs have!

alert tiger pimped Auburndale school

Take action here:  http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=19796


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