Oct 7 2016

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Hurricane Matthew Hits Florida

Yesterday we did preparations that included checking out our storm shutters, putting up everything that can blow into a cage or building and had to begin our evening meds distribution early to avoid the rain.

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida told the 1.5 million residents in evacuation zones: “You need to leave. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.”

President Obama declared federal emergencies in more than two dozen Florida counties, effectively opening the spigot for aid from Washington.

As of this morning we are in very good shape and aren’t expected to have wind gusts over 30 MPH in Tampa.  We are using this window till noon, when the rains are supposed to come on strong, to take down the rest of the dead branches.

Big Cat Updates

Heard on the radio this morning, “Hey Gale, Hoover at ALL 12 lbs of his breakfast!  Should I give him more?”  Gale: “YES! Feed him as much as he wants!”  Before a storm the cats just know.  They often will eat more than usual and our fussy cats have been doing exactly that, in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.

Ginger Serval has gone on “vacation” in the 22,000 sf FunCation and she’s loving it.

We may not move a big cat to the Vacation Rotation today and may not let the cats out of their roofed sections until the weather forecast predicts less than 30 MPH winds.


Thank You for YOUR Votes!

We stayed up till 10PM last night to witness all of your votes for the foster kittens of Big Cat Rescue and won by about 3,000 votes.  They haven’t posted the winners yet on the site, but we will post it here when they do.

big cat rescue animalitarian


Update from South Africa

We have arrived in Cape Town. Visiting Panthera sanctuary this afternoon. One of our past interns works there. Tried to visit Urban Caracal project but were unable to coordinated schedules. Shark diving tomorrow. So if this is the last email you get we have been eaten by great whites.

Facebook LIVE Contest Winner

Cassie Conti was yesterday’s winner of a tee shirt by answering first that Tonga Serval has been cancer free for 4 years.  Beth Hansen was today’s winner of the tiger’s eye bracelet for correctly answering that Ginger Serval was rescued from Kansas.  We pick the winner as the first one according to the FB timeline to answer correctly.

Developer still threatens Big Cat access

Thank you so much for acting on our email back in August regarding the developer near the sanctuary who seeks to have cars running over the Upper Tampa Bay trail creating an incredibly dangerous situation for our staff, volunteers and interns who use the trail and creating a traffic situation that will use up road capacity we need in the future.

The hearing was continued to this coming Tuesday Oct 11 and emails from two months ago are  not likely to have impact.

If you would be willing to help once more, in order to avoid emails discounted as a “form letter,” we would be very grateful if you would go to the URL below, click the names of all the commissioners, and in your own words ask them to deny PRS 16-1030 (PD) because it is a totally unnecessary access that would put trail users in danger of harm or death.

If you would like more detail, a document explaining is attached, but just sending a simple statement would be hugely helpful if you could take a minute to do that.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the email or phones below.

Thanks very much!!
Howard Baskin

Advisory Board Chairman
Big Cat Rescue
813-889-7244 Direct
813-505-5565 Cell


Painted by Big Cats / Worn by the Stylish

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Buy Bag – Tiger Paw Painting Tote

Your Cat Called

and said they want you to order this for them:


Toy – Snow Leopard Trust Creature Cat Toy

Beware of Scammers

Phone Spoofing is mostly used by scammers to trick someone into thinking they’re getting a call from the government entity, financial institution or other trustworthy source. What you see as the caller will appear to be the IRS, or your bank, or anyone you would trust.  The scammer will ask the person who picks up to give and/or verify personal or financial information, including Social Security number, date of birth, credit card number and bank account number.

Con artists use this information to make charges to unsuspecting people’s credit cards, clean out their bank accounts and even assume their identity for the purpose of opening up additional lines of credit. ID spoofing is yet another example of why it’s extremely important to exercise caution with your personal or financial information. If someone calls you and begins asking you to confirm or give them sensitive info, tell them you will call the company direct, and then find the real number of your bank or vendor to call them back.


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