October 1 2018

Big Cat Updates

Cougar Cub Birthday video, Keeper anniversaries and promotions, and more.

Alexa Flash News Briefing

Volunteer Promotions

The Volunteer Committee is pleased to announce that Jennie has been promoted to Yellow Partner! Please join us in congratulating Jennie!

Previously announced promotions, in case you miss congratulating these amazing volunteers.

  • Megan Myers has been promoted to yellow level Keeper.
  • Mary Jerome has been promoted to yellow level Keeper.
  • Stephanie Chaiser has been promoted to green level Senior Keeper.
  • Lauren Ivan has been promoted to Level 2 Intern.
  • Dylan Lavigne has been promoted to Level 2 Intern.

Cat Birthdays for October

To celebrate each cat’s birthday we are asking you to make the Calls of the Wild at BigCatAct.com.

You can sponsor a birthday cat at https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/collections/sponsor-a-cat

Volunteer Anniversaries

One thing you can do to help these volunteers celebrate their Big Cat Rescue anniversaries is making the calls of the wild in their honor.  They would be thrilled.
Happy Anniversary to the following Volunteers:

  • Dr. Liz Wynn – 2003
  • Edith Parker – 2004
  • Cindy Kuharek – 2004
  • Angie Gabor – 2007
  • Rebecca Williams – 2012
  • Katie Nikic – 2013
  • Deidra Ritchie – 2014
  • Candy Couser – 2015
  • Kayla Pratt – 2015
  • Antonio Taveras – 2016
  • Abbey Rivett – 2017

Coordinator Report – Lauren Buckingham

We had another great day today! Lots of volunteers came in to help feed and clean.

We threw a birthday party for the cubs, who turned 13 today. 🙂 I made them each a meat cake and Abbey & Tanya made them colorful enrichment tubes to play with. It was broadcast live on the dodo.

Volunteers and Interns that needed them, got operant and enrichment sign-offs.

MC, Bridget, Dylan, & Tanya worked on Maya’s cage.

Cindy & Bethann stayed to hand out cicles, which was much appreciated by the cats on this hot day.

Candy helped feed snack cats in the PM 🙂

Candy helped feed snack cats in the PM
Candy helped feed snack cats in the PM

Photo of the Day

HAPPY OCTOBER!! Happy October everyone! It’s officially pumpkin season!
Bobcats, Max & MaryAnn say, “Start October outright by making the Calls of the Wild at BigCatAct.com!”

An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 big cats languish in deplorable conditions in backyards, roadside zoos, and traveling exhibits throughout the United States. Tigers and lions should not be pets or bred and exploited for profit. While some states have regulations that attempt to protect big cats, decades of experience have proven they don’t work. The only solution is to ban private breeding and ownership of big cats nationally. YOU CAN STOP the Abuse & Exploitation just by making the quick easy phone calls at BigCatAct.com

Videos of the Day

Morning Walkabout Q & A With Brittany – Dryden Bobcat was being pretty feisty.

Cougar Cubs Birthday Celebration with Brittany – The cubs turned 13-years-old today.  The cubs received special meat cakes and fun enrichment goodies.

Cougar Cubs on The Dodo Impact – Carole has a different angle of the cubs birthday celebration and she chats with viewers, too.  This video is being played from the Dodo Impact’s Facebook page so let me know if it does not show up properly here on this page.

LIVE: These rescued cougars turned 13 today and they’re celebrating with an afternoon snack!! 🎉🎉🙌🏻❤️

Posted by Dodo Impact on Monday, October 1, 2018

Big Cat Times Fall 2018 Issue

Four times per year we put out a magazine with color photos and updates about the cats, sanctuary, and issues.  Download a free copy at https://bigcatrescue.org/big-cat-times/

Big Cat Times Magazine Fall 2018 Issue
Big Cat Times Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

Products of the Day

Check out the new items in our Amazon Store at BigCatRescue.org/amazonstore – Remember is you log in through Smile.Amazon.com then go to our store link Amazon will make a donation to the cats at no additional cost to you.



Don’t you think Big Cat Rescue and the topic of big cats should be THE most popular channel on VeeR TV? Could you take a look at our first, pick your own adventure tour, and give us some love so VeeR will give us a category for animals? Right now we are lumped in under Lifestyle and I don’t think anyone looking for tiger videos is going to be looking there. https://veer.tv/experiences/6RUmFAEw5wFjGPXtOLbuWGI1Biw

Yoga Near Big Cats

Keeper Sarah Copel – Hello everyone! We are going to do our second yoga event at Big Cat! It will be on Saturday, Oct 27th at 8:30 am. Hope to see you there!! Our very own Karla Pinzon will be leading, and Babs Riddle will be helping out as well!
It was a lot of fun last time. We set up behind vacation and Cameron and Zabu were in there. Bu LOVED rolling around and showing off for everyone. We’ll be next to vacation again, and since it will be close to Halloween, costumes are welcome!!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, and we need one more person to help watch the gate or man the donations table for us. Please email me privately to let me know if you want to help at sarah.copel@bigcatrescue.org. Thank you in advance!


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