October 15 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Want a Facebook Instant Message notification to let you know when Carole goes live?  Join us on Facebook's Instant Messenger.  Go to this link and 'connect' with us, it only takes a minute. https://m.me/bigcatrescue Then when Carole goes live I can send out a notification to let you know through Instant Messenger.


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ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Cute, cute, cute! - 10 cute, fluffy, funny kittens burning off some energy at the Big Cat Rescue Kitten Cabana in Tampa, FL.

Tigers swim and play in their own lakeside habitat at Big Cat Rescue. Watch more at http://explore.org/tigerlake

Cooper bobcat is going to be ready for release pretty soon!. Watch more at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue

 Letter To Management

Dear Sir/Madam:

On behalf of our client, Joseph Lion, King of the Tampageti, we are contacting you regarding a serious error made in the Daily Updates posted by your company.

Our client, Joseph Lion, was erroneously identified as CAMERON in a picture that was posted in the Daily Updates for millions of people to see (Exhibit 1). This caused our client unspeakable anxiety, which resulted in him fainting while he was on vacation (Exhibit 2). After he awoke, it was necessary for him to spend the rest of the day in the den due to the shame and embarrassment this caused him.

It also resulted in him being laughed at and ridiculed by other members of the gated community known as Big Cat Rescue (Exhibit 3).

Although the caption on the picture was corrected, it had already been sent out and reached millions of fans, further exposing my client to shame and ridicule.

Therefore, he demands (a) extra time in the Vacation Rotation, (b) 125 pounds of turkey legs, and (c) a retraction and apology to be printed in the Daily Updates ASAP.


Watsa Wrongwitu, Partner
The Law Firm of Catz, Kats, Morekatz and a Rat


 People Often Ask

People often ask, "How can I help?"

There are lots of ways to help save big cats from abuse and abandonment.  Some are free and some have a cost.

Donate Unwanted Gift Cards

You probably have a wallet full of gift cards you are never going to use, or finish using.  Donate any unwanted gift cards and they will go directly to helping Big Cat Rescue.  Your gift card donations are greatly appreciated! Donate them here:  Nonprofitgiftcard.com/bcr

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Sarah Copel: Mac the cougar got a fish 'cicle from the keeper tour today. He loves crunching them into tiny bits. He says thank you!!

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab

Cooper getting his stuffie

Cooper off to explore the night

Jumping bobcat, it's Cooper!

A cute Cooper face in the den

Hissing and growling at the walking tree

Cooper on the hunt

Big boy Cooper


ClipArt film Viewer Videos

Here are a few videos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can capture videos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at http://BigCatCams.com.  You can watch the cats, snap photos, record videos, and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/bigcatrescue or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BigCatRescue/ and post your videos there as well.

Rolling on the Tampageti

Splashing and having fun in the lake

Andy is so playful

Andy splashing and chuffing

Cooper can see something...

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