October 19 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Cats have started getting pumpkins!!  FUN FUN FUN See the fun video clips below.  It takes several days to get the pumpkins handed out to the cats.

Cameron's test results came back and he is clear, no cancer.

YOUR Feedback Requested

Yesterday, we did several posts asking all of you to honor the 49 exotic animals killed in the Zanesville, Ohio Massacre by making the Call of the Wild.  THANK YOU, to the 155 people who cared enough to make the Call of the Wild at BigCatAct.com Also, THANK YOU, to those of you who took the time to share the posts. You are Making A Difference!

I heard lots of people talking about whether law enforcement was right or wrong, but only a few of you were talking about the root cause of the tragedy which is the fact that those exotic animals should never have been in a backyard menagerie to begin with.

Tragedies like the Zanesville Massacre CAN be prevented. The Big Cat Public Safety Act will become law ONLY when enough of you speak out DIRECTLY TO LAWMAKERS, and keep speaking out DIRECTLY TO LAWMAKERS.  Commenting on social media pages is a really great way to help educate others but to actually get the the bill passed into law it also takes CALLING LAWMAKERS to TELL THEM you want such a law. http://BigCatAct.com makes that so extremely easy to do.

While we are TRULY THRILLED that 155 people made the Call of the Wild yesterday, however, I honestly can't understand why that number wasn't much much higher.  Without that law big cats and their babies will continue to suffer and we know you want the abuse and exploitation to stop as much as we do.

PLEASE PLEASE, tell us what we can do to help, or encourage more of YOU make the Call of the Wild, every week. What do YOU THINK is keeping people from make the Call of the Wild? We NEED YOUR INPUT!!

At http://BigCatAct.com we make it so easy to make that call.  People don't even have to know their lawmaker's name or phone number.  Using your address the system looks all that up for them and even dials the number and the caller merely answers their phone and says two little sentences.  PLEASE let us know what we can do to encourage more big cat lovers to make that call.

We NEED YOUR HELP to accomplish this so please let us know what we can do to encourage all of you to make that call.

Suggestions So Far

What do you think are the reasons people are not making the Call of the Wild?  What are your suggestions on how we can encourage more people to make the call?  Below are some suggestions that cam in this morning.

  • People do not know they can do this any time or the day or night
  • Helping people know what to say
  • Let people know why BigCatAct.com asks for their name and address
  • Offer an email option
  • Explain why calling more than once is important
  • Rewording posts so thask to make the call is first
  • Offer pre-printed postcards / letters
  • Explain more often what the Call of the Wild is
  • Warn people the callback is almost instant so they can be prepared
  • Also, for people who are very busy and don't necessarily have time to get a call about what to say, perhaps post a tentative call script on your website or Facebook page to help them
  • People just either don't want to get involved, or think their just one person and I can't make a difference.
  • I made the call a couple months ago and received a letter my representative is already on board. I feel it would be like harassment if I called again. Also my family felt like since he was already in agreement their call wasn't needed. Should they still call?
  • I am not comfortable calling, where can I email?

ALSO, what can we do to HELP YOU teach others about this important issue?

To those who are already making the call:  Can you look at the list of suggestions above and from that help us explain the issue to others.  Example:  explain to others that the reason the system asks for their name and address is so they can be connected to the Representative for their area.  Let them know they info is kept confidential and is not shared.

What IS the Call of the Wild?  Find all the scoop at http://bigcatrescue.org/cta-call-wild/

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays


Seth gets Halloween Enrichment - Zombie Flamingos

Amanda, Andre, & Arthur get Halloween Enrichment

Moving our gift shop

Evening Meds with Afton

Susann Mesna's Videos of Nikita getting A Pumpkin

Nikita vs pumpkin - take 1

Nikita vs pumpkin - take 2

Nikita pumpkin stinky face

 Wildcat Walkabout / Safari Days

We have completely sold out of 500 tickets!

We have selected five important “in situ” projects (i.e. work being done out in the wild to preserve species). Each project is devoted to a different species – Tiger, Lion, Cougar, Ocelot and Bobcat.

When guests check in, they receive five tickets each worth $5. As you go around the sanctuary you will visit stations where you can learn about the project. Then each GUEST DECIDES which projects their $25 admission fee will go toward by dropping their $5 tickets in the jar at the projects of their choice. Guests can divide up their five tickets in any way they want – all to one project, or split them among the projects. ALL of their admission will be donated to the projects they select.

This year the Wildcat Walkabout will be on our 25th Anniversary Saturday Nov. 4, 2017

We are also offering a special Line of Wildcat Walkabout Gear to help raise funds for the five conservation projects as well.  Click on the tote bag below to see the complete line of fun merchandise.

Learn more at http://bigcatrescue.org/safari-days/

All Ticket Sales Go To Conservation

Read more about the conservation projects YOU are helping to fund by attending our 25th Anniversary Walkabout:

Unwanted Gift Card Drive

Big Cat Rescue is having a gift card drive at the Big Cat Walkabout.  Bring (or mail) Any Unwanted gift cards to the event, and they will go directly to helping Big Cat Rescue.  Your gift card donations are greatly appreciated! Or donate them here:  Nonprofitgiftcard.com/bcr

 Pumpkin Recipes Update

Yesterday & today the following people have sent in Pumpkin Recipes, THANK YOU!!!

  1. Lee Durbin
  2. Bonnie Anderson
  3. Dawn Russell
  4. Alvina P
  5. Carry B
  6. Alvin K
  7. Perry W

Why do we want your copyright free Pumpkin Recipes?

We have a BUNCH of photos of the big cats playing with pumpkins through the years.  I am trying to put together a Pumpkin Recipe Photo Book that will have photos of the big cats with pumpkins along with a variety of pumpkin recipes.  The book won't be worth making without more pumpkin recipes.

PLEASE, email your copyright free pumpkin recipes to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org as soon as possible.

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab

Join bobcats on their journey from rescue to release. Watch more at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue

Cooper will be released back into the wild in a few weeks.  Learn more about him and his journey to freedom at http://bigcatrescue.org/cooper/ Learn more about our Bobcat Rehab and Release Program at http://bigcatrescue.org/bobcat-rehab/

Kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kittens

Say goodbye! These cuties are about to go get fixed and adopted at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

GOOD NEWS!!!!  Momma Maya has been adopted! HURRAY!!

The following kittens are returning to the Humane Society to begin the search for the furever families.

  • Seth
  • Steven
  • Sugar
  • Susie
  • Ben
  • Bertha
  • Beth
  • Bev
  • Blake
  • Brad

ClipArt film Viewer Videos

Here are a few videos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can capture videos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at http://BigCatCams.com.  You can watch the cats, snap photos, record videos, and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/bigcatrescue or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BigCatRescue/ and post your videos there as well.

Nighttime at Tiger Lake

Andy celebrating that he's not up for a dental


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