October 22 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Keeper Sue Messineo's Coordinator Report for Saturday, 10/21/2017

Moses and Baileys enclosure was cleaned, grass seed put down and LOs painted. They now have access to both sides.
Keisha is loving pork right now.
Please be sure to water the grass seed in Moses and Baileys enclosure and also in Macs enclosure.

Letter To Management


October 22, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing you now because I know that within a couple of weeks the Wildcat Walkabout will occur. I also know – or am pretty sure – that you will try to put the stinky Texas Tigers in the Vacation Rotation because they are such publicity hounds and love to ham it up for the crowd.

Well, I happen to be having one heck of a good time on my vacation, and I’m not so sure I want to leave! And really, shouldn’t people coming for the Walkabout be able to see the regal King of the Tampageti Kingdom in all his glory, not some stinky tigers hamming it up and rolling around and acting like silly cubs?

HOWEVER, if you insist on putting them in the VR and sending me back home, there are some conditions that must be met. First of all, I want a red carpet placed in the tunnel to protect my delicate feet as I walk across the road. Second, I wish to have music befitting a king playing as I make my way home. And third – and most important of all – treats must be placed throughout the tunnel so that I can snack on the long walk home. Please see the picture below for suggestions.

If these conditions are met, then I might allow the stinky tigers into the Tampageti. If not, consider it my new home and arrange to have my meals delivered there.

Thank you for your attention.

Roaringly yours,

Joseph Lion, King of the Tampageti

(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)


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