October 29 2017

Big Cat Updates

Update Summary:  Will is still in the hospital, Max & MaryAnn were so cute with their pumpkins, Jaguars in the wild, Foster kittens adopted, 2018 Calendar arrived, Cole & Marmalade’s funny Halloween video, Big Cat Halloween videos, AND Gaming for Kitties Fundraiser update!

Keeper Angie Gabor’s Coordinator Report for Saturday, October 28, 2017

Today was a cool and productive day!

We had lots of volunteers ready to help with feeding, tours, cleaning and projects.

We also had a Work group that came in and worked on cleaning the Texas Tigers enclosures while they are on vacation. They mowed, cleaned the roofs, cleaned the tiger pools (with funny reactions, since they were surprised that the tigers poop in them) and raked inside the enclosure and around the tour path.

Thurston and Lovey’s front section was cleaned out, thanks to great volunteers and interns.

We added hay to several dens, since it will get a bit cooler in the next few days.

Diablo had the best time jumping in the hay as we tried to get it in his den.

Picky eaters did pretty good today.

Afton’s Coordinator Report for Wednesday October 25, 2017 (Sorry, we missed this one a few days ago)

Today was a great day!! We had just enough help to clean, feed, and get a few things done.

The cats were having a blast today in the cooler weather. Lots were still playing with their pumpkins and batting around their balls. It was really great to see! Everyone ate really good! Zimba is preferring his meat cut up.

Be sure, while feeding, vulture watchers go with front and back routes. The vultures have been crazy in those sections and the feeders could use help keeping them away.

I made some more supplement capsules to hopefully last into the weekend.

Gilligan’s enclosure that was getting worked on was completed thanks to Aleesa. She came in to finish that up and start cleaning up shrubbery around the tour path. Later in the afternoon, Steven came in to help her. She will be back in on Friday to work on some more.

I rescued an Ibis from Kali and was able to release it back to the landbridge with the rest of its friends. After that, I was able to shift Reise to go in and remove the many burr plants in her enclosure. It has become clear that a lot of the volunteers and interns do not know what burr is as projects are being complete but they are leaving those plants. Tuesday all of the interns got a good look at the plant, so hopefully they start to remove it. I also gave babycakes a pumpkin and noticed his linens in his home were damp. Since it has been cooler at night, I put in fresh dry towels and a dome bed for him to get in to so he can keep warm. The rehab rats also got a bit more newspaper bedding to snuggle up in as well.

Small sicles for the walkabout were made and have a note stating to please save them for that event. There are plenty made for the keeper tours this weekend.

That is it for me!

What is a Vulture Watcher?  Well, it is a keeper with a water gun.  That is a safe way to shew away the vultures so they do not harass the cats or the keepers doing the feeding.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Watching the Texas Tigers on Vacation


 Will Bobcat Update

8/26/2017 Update: Will is in the West Boensch Cat Hospital, being treated for irritable bowel disease and kidney disease.  Will was never able to be released back to the wild because of his severe neurological issues.  He has a very hard time processing his environment.  He was very dehydrated when we brought him into the hospital, so he was given sub q fluids, but in watching hours and hours of him on the Nest cams we are noticing that he doesn’t drink water.  He has two bowls; a regular one, like the one in his outdoor cage, and a water fountain, in case he needs the sound of water, to know what it is.  He will frequently go to the bowls but we haven’t seen him actually take a drink. We’ve been adding fluids to his meals, and he consumes more water that way.  His keepers say he doesn’t do blood ‘cicles.  This could explain his kidney issues.

Yesterday’s Update 8/28/2017: Will’s last hard time was in July and he weighed 17 pounds. His diagnostics and sonogram indicated irritable bowel disease or a lymphoma in his GI tract (cancer). Now he’s lost 5 lbs and Dr Wynn thinks it is probably lymphoma. He’s been brought inside for fluids, B vitamins, and injections to make him feel better, but it’s not looking good for him.

Will doesn’t drink from a bowl, so we can put fluids in his food, but due to his neurological issues, he just can’t be left to his own devices outside. The question becomes; can we give him a good quality of life indoors or not?

For now, that’s what we are doing, but I don’t think he’s long for this world, but we are not giving up, yet.

Carole’s note from this afternoon 8/29/2017:  He was doing poorly enough today that Kathryn and I were able to hold him while the vet drew blood.  She said his organs are doing OK, so we are going to continue supportive care and see how he does.

 Will’s Bio:  Will is a male bobcat.  Approx. date of birth 7/15/07.  Rescued 8/13/07

Will was found by a couple in their back yard. Their home was situated on a large farm located in a rural area of Dade City. An adult Bobcat was recently seen within the area and nearby farmers had reportedly been shooting at it to deter it from their property and their livestock. It is unknown if this Bobcat was any relation to Will, but since this young cub was found abandoned it is likely that the adult was his mother and had now been scared away from her cub or worse yet killed.

When Rescuers came for Will, they noticed something out of the ordinary right away. At this age, a young Bobcat should have been all teeth and claws backed up with hissing and growling. Instead he sat still and quiet and went limp when he was picked up. Over the next several weeks he was seen by several specialists including a neurologist and an optometrist. Will would slowly walk around a room and run into walls or objects as if he did not see them.

Although he has improved, Will still suffers from these symptoms and if his surroundings are altered he will still run into things. This handicap prevented him from being considered a candidate for release. He currently shares a set of cages with Anasazi.   She has always been patient and helpful to Will.

Through the years Will has had a few health scares but always pulled thorough.  We are hoping that once again he will pull through but this time it is not looking very hopeful.

If you would like to donate to the care of the cats, like Will, you can do so securely at http://bigcatrescue.org/donate Because of caring friend, like you, we are able to give cats like Will a chance.  Having this hospital on-site truly helps us care for the cats quicker, easier, and safer.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Max & MaryAnn by Keeper Brittany Mira

Can I just point out… look at the size of Max compared to Maryann and the pumpkins LOL He is a Lynx sized bobcat!

Maryann tries to decide if the pumpkins are a trick or a treat?!?

Max always lets Maryann choose first 🙂 Such a gentleman.

Maryann claims which pumpkin is hers, the best way a bobcat can!  (Yes, she is peeing on it!)

Clipart lion 2018 Big Cat Rescue Calendars

AT LAST!! They Are HERE!!!!

13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home. Each month you will enjoy a fabulous big cat image to go wild over! Only a limited number will be printed, so to ensure you receive your 2018 Big Cat Rescue calendar order it today! The calendar is approximately 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open. http://BigCatRescue.org/calendar

grey kitten, kittens, cute kittens, kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kitten Program

All of the foster kittens that went back to the Humane Society were adopted! This includes:

  • Seth
  • Steven
  • Sugar
  • Ben
  • Bertha
  • Beth
  • Bev
  • Blake
  • Brad

Beth was adopted by a couple that adopted two of our other kittens together last year!

 Carole’s Walk Down Memory Lane (OLD VIDEO)

These exotic cats were all still kittens at a year old. It was the equivalent of a bunch of 6 year old children playing together. It was before the Internet. It was before we knew that exotic cats were never meant to live in cages or back yards. It was before they grew up to spray urine all over everything to mark it as their own.

It’s also a trip down memory lane to remember the wild cats we’ve loved and lost, including:

Bobcats – Little Feather, Raindance, Sundance
Servals – Lucky, Fluffy, Muffy
Canada Lynx – Shatia
Cougar – Glory Glory
Domestic Cats – Breezy, Toss

We made a lot of mistakes in those early years and learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Learn more at http://bigcatrescue.org/about/how-we-started

Animal abusers hate us because we are the leading sanctuary dedicated to ending the abuse at its root by banning the private possession of exotic cats. These big cat abusers make up lies or twist the truth to make people think that we breed, buy, sell and allow public contact (just like they still do).

We never bred lions or tigers. Our first kitten was born in 1994 and we stopped breeding in 1997, TWENTY YEARS AGO. There were a couple of accidents, from old cats and hybrids we didn’t think were fertile, but the very last cat born here was a leopard cat in 2001. His parents were both in their late teens and thought to be too old to breed.

As of 2015 we have rescued more than 200 exotic cats. We have 13 who were born here.

We stopped allowing public contact in 2003, almost 15 YEARS AGO. We had only allowed public contact to show people, who thought they wanted a wild cat as a pet, that all the cat wants to do is pee on you. The sharing of those photos online didn’t get across that same message, so we stopped it.

We stopped allowing our staff to touch the cats in 2004, THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, because it is dangerous and sends a bad message.

Sadly, many sanctuaries that are otherwise pretty good, still like to show off that way and we think it hurts our efforts to stop public contact.

Big Cat Rescue did not start out as what it has become today. My beliefs, and the sanctuary that reflects them, evolved over time. It involved lessons that came from what I view today as horrible mistakes, and sometimes I feel terrible about how long some realizations took. But I take great pride in what we have become and are accomplishing, and feel great excitement about what I believe we will accomplish in the future.

As detailed in How We Started, the sanctuary began when the search to purchase a pet bobcat kitten brought us unwittingly to a “fur farm” that sold a few cats as pets, but primarily raised them to turn into fur coats. We bought all 56 kittens to save them from being slaughtered.

 Jaguars in the Wild, Where They Belong

 Gaming For Kitties

Gen has already raised $10,800 for the cats!  That feeds all the cats for close to almost a whole week!!  We feed out 500 pounds of high quality meat every day, 365 days a year.  You can imagine what the annual food bill is.  So fundraisers like this really help!!  THANK YOU, GEN!!!

clipart Cole & Marmalade’s Corner – FUNNY!!!!!!!

A Cat’s Guide to Halloween – Published on Oct 27, 2014 – Meowloween … It’s different to Halloween … because CATS! Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to a scary good time this holiday season 🙂

 Past Halloween Videos

Big Cats VS Pumpkin Spice Bags – Published on Oct 30, 2015 – The big cats were given pumpkin spice bags for enrichment. Watch and see how much fun they had tearing into the bags. Happy Halloween!

Siberian Lynx vs Pumpkin – Published on Oct 10, 2014 – Apollo and Zeus, our duo of Siberian lynx, tear into a pumpkin to help kick off the holiday season.

Big Cat Halloween – TIGERS LIONS VS PUMPKINS! – Published on Oct 26, 2010 – Tigers, Lions, Leopards…the Big Cats like to carve pumpkins too! Take a look at halloween at Big Cat Rescue!



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