October 30 2017

Hoover decided to "catnap" and guard his pumpkin for a while before playing with it.

Big Cat Updates

Summary: Cat updates, Keisha’s Pumpkin Adventure, What did Hoover do with his pumpkin? Past Halloween videos, Building a concrete cat cave, Safari Days, etc…

Keeper Angie Gabor’s Coordinator Report for Sunday 10/29/17

Another fun cool day.

The cats were very frisky today. The cooler weather had all the Tigers up and playful all day.  Gabby chased every cart and chuffed at everybody. Jasmine didn’t know her own strength and scared herself when she batted her yellow donut toy up in the air. Cameron was chasing Jen, happily hopping around the enclosure as she walked around it.

The Texas Tiger enclosures were finished and look great. Thank you to the volunteers and interns that finished that project today.

We also got the Ice Cream Cooler cleaned up and ready for use.

New chicken wire was added to the lockouts on the Vacation enclosure.

Lots of projects and lots of happy volunteers and cats!

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keisha and Her Pumpkin

Oh, that funny girl had pumpkin goo EVERYWHERE. It was on teeth, her stubby tail, the backs of her ears, her paws, between her toes. It was smeared on tree trunks, platforms, and strewn all around her yards. There was even some floating in her water bowl and bits of it hanging from bushes, too.  LOL, I’d say she had fun with her pumpkin.  She’d carry it up on her platform and then it’s fall off and she have to jump down and get it.  Look closely at this photo, her teeth are covered with pumpkin.

Hoover decided to “catnap” and guard his pumpkin for a while before playing with it.

Hoover decided to "catnap" and guard his pumpkin for a while before playing with it.

Photos by Micheal Heap and Aleesa S


Keeper Desmond Fowles:  “Thanks Cam I just needed a shoulder to lie on.”

Thanks Cam I just needed a shoulder to lie on

 Safari Days – Wild Cat Walkabout 2017

Only a few days left for get your Wildcat Walkabout – Safari Days Gear before the big event. We have selected five important “in situ” projects (i.e. work being done out in the wild to preserve species). Each project is devoted to a different species – Tiger, Lion, Cougar, Ocelot and Bobcat. Your PURR-chase of these products are a big help in that effort.


All Ticket Sales Go To Conservation

Read more about the conservation projects YOU are helping to fund by attending our 25th Anniversary Walkabout:

  1. Tiger Conservation Project
  2. Lion Conservation Project
  3. Cougar Conservation Project
  4. Ocelot Conservation Project
  5. Bobcat Conservation Project

ClipArt film YouTube.com/DailyBigCat

How To Build a Concrete Cat Cave – Carole has been uploading some older video clips.  This is one of her Dad building a concrete den for one of the cats.  These dens are nice and cool in the summer and warm in Florida’s very mild winters.  The cats LOVE their dens!  No cats in this one. It’s as boring as watching concrete dry, unless you happened to have known and loved Vernon Stairs, or you are interested in building a concrete cat den.  This had to be after 2001 as I can hear the Veteran’s Expressway in the background. For those of you who like the behind the scene day to day happenings of the sanctuary, this is pretty cool.

Viewer Pix

I apologize that this section has been missing for a while.  Things have been really busy, lately and I just ran out of hours in the day.  I know there are some missing, I am searching my email box for those missed.

Big cat friend Tracey submitted this photo by big cat friend, Keli:  Bu walked over to wake Cam up as payback for the times he wouldn’t let her nap.  LOL!

Big cat friend Tracey submitted this photo by big cat friend, Keli:  Bu walked over to wake Cam up as payback for the times he wouldn't let her nap.  LOL!

 Past Halloween Videos

Lions, Tigers, and Pumpkins!! – Published on Nov 8, 2016 – Watch as some of our lions, tigers, and a tiger shark??…receive pumpkins to sink their teeth into as a part of our holiday enrichment.

Small Cat Halloween Enrichment Pt I – Published on Oct 14, 2014 – The littler guys here at Big Cat Rescue get to celebrate Halloween too! Here’s part one of the small cat Halloween enrichment in which the enrichment pieces get gourd.

Binturong / “Bearcat” VS PUMPKIN !! – Published on Oct 29, 2010 – Big Cat Rescue is home to over 100 Lions, Tigers & Leopards, we are also home to Banjo the Binturong or Bearcat! Watch Banjo enjoy his Halloween treat a pumpkin complete with a banana mouth, plum nose, Fig Newton eyes and grape hair!

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