October 4 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Happy #WorldAnimalDay! Honor wild animals by pledging to not support exploiters of big cats and other wild animals for human profit. Never pay to play or touch baby wild animals. Instead, focus your time and money on the conservation of species in the wild.  Please join us in making the Call of the Wild today at BigCatAct.com in honor of World Animal Day!

Keeper Devin Saari's Coordinator Report for Tuesday - 10/3/2017

Today was a great day with really nice weather!

There were a good amount of volunteers today so we got feeding and cleaning done in good time

Lots of medical supply packages delivered today and are in the hospital

The cats all ate really well today! Not many picky cats to feed in the afternoon.


Bracelet - Tiger Rescuer Tiger's Eye

Help rescue tigers by wearing this beautiful tiger's eye beaded bracelet. $15 from each bracelet purchased goes directly to the care of the big cats. Stretch fit bracelet is 8" and features 20 stunning tiger's eye beads framing 3 golden filigree beads studded with clear crystals.

What is World Animal Day?

MISSION OF WORLD ANIMAL DAY: To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals. It's celebrated in different ways in every country, irrespective of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. Through increased awareness and education we can create a world where animals are always recognized as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare.

Learn More at: https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/

Big Cat Challenge

For World Animal Day lets join together and share some videos EVERYWHERE that will help educate the public on the root cause of so many big cats suffering.  Here are some videos.  The link to copy/paste to your social media pages, like Facebook, are with each video. PLEASE pick on and share it today.

ONE -->  Afton's NEW World Animal Day Video  As we celebrate World Animal Day on October 4, we would like to raise awareness about cub petting and how it affects these poor big cats. Share this video, and educate others about the sad lives of these cubs, and what you can do to help. #WorldAnimalDay #October4 https://youtu.be/7iq4kAOT0NM

TWO --> Draw My Life:  https://youtu.be/IUEDchirfng Tony the Tiger explains to viewers what life is like for captive bred tigers and other big cats in the USA. There are only around 3000 tigers left in the wild but there is thought to be around 5000 - 10,000 privately owned tigers, lions, leopards and more in America!

THREE --> Would you still do it?  This is a 30 second video that will really make you think.  https://youtu.be/-8Iy3pI9qI8
I can actually email you the file for this video if you want to direct upload it to Instagram, Facebook, etc...

FOUR --> What You May Not Know About Cub Petting is Killing Them: https://youtu.be/zlvop2Jcn_g A huge shout out to the animal loving folks at UNILAD. When their first version of this video had more than 17 million views, we asked them to create a version for us that would send viewers to take action to end this abuse. They quickly edited the video to add a call to action slide at the end inviting people to roar out for these cubs and forgotten lions and tigers at BigCatAct.com Have you made the Call of the Wild yet? Do it today and then share this video with others and let them know how they can make a difference for big cats.

FIVE --> The Horrors Of Cub Petting: https://youtu.be/qQt_rrAetv4 Learn what happens to tiger cubs in the pay to play scheme and the horrors of cub petting. Please help us stop the abuse!

PLEASE pick one of those videos to share on your social media pages today, THEN go to BigCatAct.com and make the Call of the Wild in honor of World Animal Day.  Challenge your friends to do the same.

What is the Call of the Wild?

What is the Call of the Wild?

The Call of the Wild is a call to leave a message for lawmakers asking them to champion or co-sponsor The Big Cat Public Safety Act (Bill HR 1818)

It takes only a minute and you will more than likely be speaking to an answering machine.

Big Cat Rescue’s bill to end big cat abuse has been introduced in Congress! The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R.1818) would end the private ownership and breeding of big cats.

Help us end big cat abuse by making the “Call of the Wild.” This is the most important thing you can do for the cats.

Two ways to make the call.

ONE:  Go to BigCatAct.com and fill out the form and click the CALL ME button. Then answer your phone when it rings and the system will automatically connect you to the Representative’s message machine or person.

TWO:  From your cell phone text the word CATS to 52886 to take action today! (Message and data rates may apply. Text Stop to opt-out. Help for help. )

What Our Bill Will Do

The Big Cat Public Safety Act would amend the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, which is part of the Lacey Act. It bans private ownership and breeding of big cats with limited exemptions.

Ban Private Possession. The bill would make it illegal to possess any big cats, except at qualified facilities such as:

a. USDA licensed facilities that:

  • do not allow public contact
  • do not employ people who have been convicted or fined for animal abuse or neglect
  • have no serious repeat violations in past 12 months or repeatedly refuse to allow inspectors into their facilities

b. Nonprofit wildlife sanctuaries that do not:

  • trade their cats
  • do not allow public contact
  • do not publicly display their animals outside of their sanctuary

c. State colleges, universities, agencies, or state-licensed veterinarians.

Ban Breeding:  The bill would limit the breeding of big cats to licensed facilities or owners who breed under a conservation plan.

Grandfather Current Owners & Establish Tracking:  The bill would allow owners to keep their current cats, provided they register the cats with US Fish & Wildlife Service [FWS] within 180 days of the Act’s enactment. Owners would not be allowed to buy, sell, or breed big cats; or have direct contact with the public and their big cat.

This link will help you explain the various issues that cause so much big cat suffering.  BigCatRescue.org/Abuse-Issues/

How Do I Make the Call of the Wild?

Instructions are below, with a screenshot, too.

Is it hard?


Does it take long?

It takes only couple minutes!!


ONE: Go to BigCatAct.com Here is a screenshot of what you will see.

TWO:  Do you see the form on the right of that screenshot?  You simply type in your name, address, zip code, and phone number.  It IS SECURE!!

  • Why do I have to type in the info?  So the system can look up the phone number for the Representative for your area.

THREE:  Click the CALL ME button.

  • The system will automatically call your Representative for you.

FOUR:  Answer the phone.

  • You will be connected to either an answering machine or a person who is taking messages for your area’s Representative.

FIVE:  What do I say?  Well, that is easy, too.  It in just ONE sentence.

  • Hi my name is _____.  My zip code is _____.  Please ask your boss to co-sponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act, H.R. 1818.

That is it!!  That is not hard.  That does not take much time.  But, YOUR CALL can make a HUGE difference.


The cats & cubs who are abused and exploited have no voice, they cannot make that call.

However, YOU CAN make the call for them!!  

Won’t YOU PLEASE make the Call of the Wild, for the cats, today, at BigCatAct.com

Big news! Big Cat Rescue’s bill to end big cat abuse has been introduced in Congress! The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R.1818) would end the private ownership and breeding of big cats. Help us end big cat abuse by making the Call of the Wild. This is the most important thing you can do for the cats. Go to StopBigCatAbuse.com or text CATS to 52886 to take action today! (Message and data rates may apply. Text Stop to opt-out. Help for help. ) #BigCatAct


If you go to TigerRescue.org you can see which states have not had anyone make The Call of the Wild.  If you know ANYONE in those states, please explain to them what The Call of the Wild is and why it is so important for them to participate.

Keeper Corner

Interns and volunteers learning about dangerous plants and animal from Honey Wayton.

Keeper MaryLou:  Babycakes, "Loving my Coolaroo bed!"

Keeper MaryLou:  Banshee Bobcat LOVES his Coolaroo, too!

Keeper MaryLou:  Chaos, "Why are you looking at me?"

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