October 5 2017

Big Cat Updates

Keeper Afton’s Coordinator Report for Wednesday , 10/4/2017

The cats ate really good today, except for Divinity!!! Zeus did not eat much this morning, but ate all of his dinner.

The Kitten Cabana was deep cleaned and is ready for whenever kittens are available to go in there.

The project trailer was organized and all of the cleaning items were brought out and put in the appropriate place. The everything else trailer still needs to be done. Most of that stuff goes under the white canopy by Seth for projects. Then there are a few things inside the door of the project trailer that need to go in everything else trailer.

Intern Schedule Changes: Aleesa will be off on Thursday, and Steven will be off on Friday. They will be working on Sunday to help out around the sanctuary for whatever is needed, project, etc. This is for this week only.

MaryAnn Bobcat caught a hawk, and then Max took over after that. I was able to coax them into the back section. Jamie and I went in and got it out. It was not injured, so we released it in the open area behind the vacation rotation.

I think that is all!

Honey’s Gift Shop Update

We are currently preparing to open the new gift shop later this month so we are doing Gift Shop project days on Thursdays leading up to the opening to have everything in order.

Reminder Big Cat Dentals this weekend

As some of you may have heard already we are planning a two day event this weekend to sedate 6-7 big cats for dental exams. The surgeries will be both Saturday and Sunday all day long. You can watch everything streaming live at https://bigcatrescue.org/vet

 Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

Are you ready for some football? A film crew from CBS Thursday Night Football was at the sanctuary today shooting video of some of the cats being fed. About 30 seconds of the footage will air Thursday night throughout the US during the Buccaneers – Patriots NFL game on CBS, which starts about 8:00 PM ET. The broadcast announcers will talk about BCR as the video is running during the first quarter of the game (subject to change). So watch NFL football tonight and see a few of our cats!

 Safari Days is Coming!

Celebrate Big Cat Rescue’s 25th Year of Saving Exotic Cats!

On November 4, 2017 you can walk about the sanctuary at your own pace, take all the photos and videos you want, and have the benefit of knowing that your admission will go to conserving exotic cats in the wild. Children of all ages are welcome but all tickets are $25 each.

We have selected five important “in situ” projects (i.e. work being done out in the wild to preserve species). Each project is devoted to a different species – Tiger, Lion, Cougar, Ocelot and Bobcat.

When you check in, you receive five tickets each worth $5. As you go around the sanctuary you will visit stations where you can learn about the project. Then YOU DECIDE which projects your $25 admission fee will go toward by dropping your $5 tickets in the jar at the projects of your choice. You can divide up your tickets in any way you want – all to one project, or split them among the projects. ALL of your admission will be donated to the projects you select. You can read more about the five projects further down on this page.

This year the Wildcat Walkabout will be on our 25th Anniversary Saturday Nov. 4, 2017

Learn more at: https://bigcatrescue.org/safari-days/ This is always a sell out event so be sure to reserve your tickets before they sell out.

Get Big Cat Rescue Safari Days Gear at https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/collections/wildcat-walkabout

 Did You Know? 

Yesterday, was World Animal Day and sadly, ONLY 15 people made the Call of the Wild?  Yep, you read that right, ONLY 15 PEOPLE made the Call pf the Wild ON World Animal Day. I cannot understand why more people are not making the Call of the Wild.  It is so quick and easy to do.

What do YOU THINK?  Why do you think more people are not making that call?  Any ideas?  Every time we post about the cub petting issue TONS of people comment on the posts complaining about wanting that abuse and exploitation stopped.  Therefore, I really do not understand why more people are not actually putting their passion into action and making that call.

Each of us who care about the plight of big cats and their babies can be making that Call of the Wild, at least, once per week.  We should each be talking to our friends and family on a regular basis, asking them to make the call, reminding them to make the call.

The abuse is not going to stop UNTIL all of us step up and keep doing our part, keep making that call!  With so many animal lovers sitting back and waiting for others to make it happen the abuse and exploitation continues.  Can you give us some ideas about what we can do to encourage more people to care enough to take two minutes to make the call of the wild?  If you know people who are not making the call, please help us understand what we can do or say differently that might encourage them to keep making the Call of the Wild.

 Ways to make the Call of the Wild

ONE:  Go to BigCatAct.com and follow the simple instructions there to have the call placed for you.

TWO:  Text the word CATS to 52886 and follow instructions. ( Message and data rates may apply. Text stop to cancel. Help for help. )

Don’t know what the Call of the Wild is?  Go to https://bigcatrescue.org/cta-call-wild/ for an explanation and to see screenshots.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Replays

GOOD MORNING! Seth Tiger at Big Cat Rescue. Watch more at http://explore.org/tigerlake

Evening Walkabout with Afton & Carole

Keepers had to rescue a hawk from Max & MaryAnn.  Hear Afton tell the story about it below in the Evening Walkabout video.  See cats getting snacks.

CamBu wait for Keepers to bring breakfast. Watch more at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue

Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin and team give us a tour of the facilities where tigers, lions, bobcats and more get the care they need!

tiger clipart Art by Cindy – Frosty Serval

Cindy’s talent just floors me!!  It is breathtaking. She really captures the cats, PURRfectly!

See More of Cindy’s art creations at https://www.facebook.com/ArtByCindy00/ Swing by her Facebook page and let her know what you think of her artwork.

 Meet Frosty Serval

Male White Footed African Serval born 1/1/1995

Frosty is 22 years old!


Learn more about Frosty at https://bigcatrescue.org/frosty/

Most of our servals were rescued from people who got them as pets and were not prepared for the fact that male or female, altered or not, they all spray buckets of urine when they become adults. Waaaay back in our early days some cats we purchased because we saw them were being sold at auction where taxidermists would buy them and club them to death in the parking lot, and a few were born here in the early days when we were ignorant of the truth and were being told by the breeders and dealers that these cats should be bred for “conservation.”

Once we learned that there are NO captive breeding programs that actually contribute to conservation in the wild we began neutering and spaying our cats in the mid 1990’s. Knowing what we do about the intelligence and magnificence of these creatures we do not believe that exotic cats should be bred for lives in cages. Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE

Getting are new laws in place that puts an end to big cats being bred and sold as pets, photo props, parts will save far more cats than all the sanctuaries combined can ever hope to rescue.  The problem is too big to be bought away or rescued away.  The laws have to change for the abuse and exploitation to end.  However, we cannot do this alone!  We NEED EACH OF YOU actively helping teach others and actively getting more people to make the Call of the Wild.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper MaryLou Geis:  SMILE!  Mickey LOVES his fan, but the fan melts his sicles faster.  Did you see this photo posted of Mickey yesterday?  He truly enjoys his sicles!!  THANK YOU to each of you who have sent in cups, sardines, and tuna for the cats’ sicles.

Keeper MaryLou Geis:  Max MaryAnn Washing up after Breakfast

Max MaryAnn Washing up after Breakfast


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