Omega Pets

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Omega Pets

I’ve talked about this in the past and I’m a big believer – Omega’s offer our pets the same health benefits they do us.

A recent article (written by a manufacturer of an Omega 3 supplement) in the Village Soup Health & Wellness website provides a good explanation of why Omega’s are so beneficial to our pets.

Dr. Jeff Leighton – founder of Maine Natural Health Company in Rockport, Maine – designs and produces natural products for preventative medicine for both humans and companion animals. “High potency omega-3 oils decrease inflammation in our pets (such as joint inflammation, arthritis, kidney disease) and make our pets more active and happy. When pets have less pain and inflammation, they can move around more freely. In addition, skin allergies, itching and brittle coats are resolved. Mental alertness increases and older pets appear and feel years younger reminding us of their young puppy/kitten days. Inflammation is the key driver of most chronic diseases. By decreasing inflammation, our pet’s chronic diseases are lessened,” Leighton says.

This article provides a nice basic explanation as to how the Omega supplement can benefit humans and pets – the link for the entire article is

One of the biggest researchers of the benefits of Omega’s is Dr. Barry Sears (of The Zone Diet fame). I’ve read several of his books, including a recent book called The Omega Rx Zone. The book is available in all the book stores and and I highly recommend it. The above article will give you a good start – but Dr. Sears’s book will motivate you into taking fish oil yourself and giving it to your pet. I take it and give it to my dogs every day – the cat won’t touch it (which really confuses me – fish – cat…hmmmm).

My senior dog Gunner – who is a 13 year old 100 pound German Shepherd – has benefited a great deal from Omega’s. A couple of years ago, Gunner began showing some signs of senility. He’s always been such a great dog, never doing anything destructive (since puppy hood) or giving me any behavior trouble. Very suddenly he had some severe separation anxiety – damaging some doors (scratching to get out) and a scary attempt to go through a window. Two things turned this around for us. One was adding a fish oil supplement. From Dr. Barry Sears, fish oil has proven to calm anxiety and his research has even proved it regenerates brain connectors that age destroys. The second thing that improved (cured) Gunner’s anxiety was daily neighborhood walks. I’ve always exercised my pets daily – throwing a toy across the yard. But I realized Gunner needed to ‘be a dog’ again. Marking fire plugs and sign posts – and barking at squirrels brings an old guy back. I firmly believe the combination of the two – keeps him being the healthy friend he is today. With no separation problems.

Anyway, if you decide to give your pet a fish oil supplement – do not add the oil to his/her food. Your pet’s food is ‘balanced’ and the added omega oil will disrupt the balance of the food. I give my guys an added meal of brown rice with their daily dose of fish oil added in. If your pet doesn’t like brown rice – you might try cottage cheese. And you will want to seek out a high quality fish oil supplement. Fish oils are rated from one to five stars – five stars being the purest. Purchase as high rated oil as you can. Again – it is a great supplement but it is best given an hour before or after a meal.

I made it to Itchmo!

A press release that was sent out last week regarding Petsumer Report providing pet owners with ingredient country of origin (US Only or not) got picked up by a pet news blog website.

I took some grief in their blog – I wish bloggers would have read some of my articles before posting those negative comments – guess I better get thicker skin. But all in all it was nice to be noticed. For you newsletter subscribers that have been ‘with me’ for quite some time – I think you understand I do this work day in and day out to benefit our pets.

And for those that are Petsumer Report subscribers – I have a favor to ask…If you have a couple of minutes – would you send me an email testimonial for Petsumer. I won’t use your last name (Susan T.) on the website, but I will add a picture of your pet if you send it! Thanks!

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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