On tiger conservation

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On tiger conservation

Prachi SibalFirst Published : 07 Feb 2009 11:12:00 PM IST

Last Updated : 07 Feb 2009 02:04:23 PM

ISTCHENNAI: With a theme ‘Tiger’, there couldn’t be a more fitting discussion than the conservation of tigers. Organised by Prakriti Foundation as part of the Tree of Life festival, was a presentation and discussion by Lathika Rana, known as ‘Tiger Princess’ from the National Geographic film made on her life owing to the fact that she is the first woman to have received a doctorate in Tiger Conservation. Witnessing a gathering of about 20 people at Madras Terrance House, there was an unnatural silence, almost the sort that comes out of a discovery of something new, something unpleasant.

The audience seemed conscious of the diminishing tiger population in the country and worldwide and the direct effect it would cause on the food chain and on the equilibrium of ecosystems consequently.

Lathika made a presentation on the various tiger reserves and the number of tigers each one of them were home to giving the audience an idea of startlingly diminishing numbers. Awe-inspired they moved on to a question and answer session that evoked much debate and discussion on the habitats of tigers and the pitfalls of ‘Project Tiger’. Tourism also formed a part of the discussion where Lathika pointed out that Tiger tourism was more benefit to the cause than harm to the natural habitat of the animal, as the grace of a tiger once seen can be enough for a person to dedicate his/ her life towards the cause of their conservation.

Talking extensively on the subject, the gathering was interrupted by an innocent query by a girl about ten years old putting into perspective the food chain and its disruption with words as simple as, if the tigers don’t eat the other animals wont it create problems for us. This led to a vivid description of the food chain and the levels of consumers to highlight the effect.

Leaving the venue, one felt though a little tinge of sympathy but in awe of the majestic being that demands conservation.



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