Only 1,411 tigers left in the country, says govt data

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Only 1,411 tigers left in the country, says govt data

New Delhi, Dec 17 (PTI) The tiger population is indeed dwindling as according to latest government data only 1,411 stripped cats are left in the country.

Minister of State for Environment and Forest S Regupathy told the Lok Sabha today that the findings indicate a “poor status” of tiger population in areas outside reserves and protected areas.

“As per findings of the recent all India estimation of tiger using refined methodology, the total country-level population of tiger is 1411, the lower and upper limits being 1,165 and 1,657 respectively,” he said replying to a question.

The Minister said the assessment was made determining spatial occupancy of tigers throughout potential tiger forests and sampling such forests using camera traps.

As per the figure tabled in the House, Madhya Pradesh has 300 tigers — the highest in the country followed by 290 in Karnataka and 178 in Uttarakhand. Mizoram has six tigers — the lowest in the country.

This assessment is not comparable to the earlier total count using pugmarks as it had several shortcomings, he said.

“The findings of the recent all India tiger estimation in the geographical information system domain has provided a knowledge of the status of existing source population of tiger and its habitat,” he noted.

He said the tiger habitats require urgent and enhanced protection and securing corridor connectivity across tiger landscapes was very important. PTI

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