Ontario Government MPP introduces act to regulate zoos

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An Ontario government MPP just introduced Bill 154, an Act to Regulate Zoos


If passed, Bill 154, would require all Ontario zoos to comply with professional animal welfare and public safety standards. If this bill becomes law and is backed up with adequate enforcement, several roadside zoos that are unable to comply with professional standards should be closed.


Bill 154 would help animals like Tyson who has been kept in the same small, barren exhibit for the last 5 years.
Tyson is a red kangaroo and that has been living alone on a barren patch of dirt the size of a single car garage with just a metal shed to sleep in. In the wild, red kangaroos can cover 3 m in just one hop. At present, there is nothing anyone can do to help Tyson because there are no regulations for keeping exotic animals in captivity. If Bill 154 is not passed, he will likely have to endure these miserable conditions for the remainder of his captive life.  


On behalf of Tyson and the many other animals that suffer everyday on roadside zoos, please contact your MPP and ask them to support Bill 154. You can send a letter directly from this website:

Visit www.OntarioZoos.ca for more information.


Melissa Tkachyk

Campaigns Officer, Canada

World Society for the Protection of Animals

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