Paid Admin Position at Big Cat Rescue Available

Paid Admin Position at Big Cat Rescue Available. 


1.    Maintain databases in Exceed (or current donor management tool) and CapWiz.
a.    Includes entering release form and donor information into Exceed (currently estimated at 100 per day)
b.    Checking for and removing duplicates as info is entered.
c.    Importing lists generated from sources such as the Chamber of Commerce of people who want brochures and then add to both data bases.
d.    Learning Exceed to fully utilize its capacity to send thank you notes and reminder notices for memberships and adoption renewals and teaching others.
e.    Preparing the quarterly mailing list free of duplicates, running through the Post Office address change process as needed, and exporting the mailing lists for sending out The Big Cat Times and for any additional direct mail purposes.
f.    Enter gifts and prepare reports that advise us of donor levels for recognition purposes in Big Cat Times and online.
g.    Send out reminders to renew subscriptions, adoptions, memberships, thank yous.
h.    Performing backups to disks to protect information.
i.    Learn and augment all of the powerful tools offered by both Exceed and CapWiz.  I.e. become our “expert” on these software programs.

2.    Intern Program.

a.    Reply to intern inquiries.
b.    Send out applications.
c.    Screen applicants and perform background checks via U.S. Business Search.
d.    Arrange for their interviews with the Volunteer Committee, their flights, accommodations, pickup and delivery from airport, etc.
e.    Schedule their daily cleaning, chores, tours and work projects with staff.
f.    Make sure all interns complete their classes on schedule so that they can enjoy the fullest benefit of their increased privileges and responsibilities.
g.    Complete follow up questionnaires and filings.
h.    Update the internship portion of the website via Contribute 2, or create text and photos for web person to do so.
i.    Write up letters of recommendation for graduates as needed.

3.    Phones, Mail, and Reservations.
a.    Up sell to make the most of the few guests we can accommodate by up selling to Keeper Tours.
b.    Answer Reservation Line and Schedule all keeper tours, photo tours, private tours, night tours and any other guest experience, other than the Day Tours and Kid’s Tours.
c.    Handle the daily flood of email, answering what you can and forwarding what you can’t.
d.    Send Thank You notes and donation receipts to all donors.
e.    Work cash registers in the gift shop as needed.
f.    Answer phones, (main line as needed) and be able to give detailed information on Big Cat Rescue, tour times and types, directions from everywhere to the sanctuary and be able to take and deliver messages for the rest of the staff and volunteers.
g.    Be able to explain to our guests about our Adoption program, Membership program, Snow Leopard Trust program, Legislative Actions, Weddings, Memorial program, Fur Ball, Volunteer program and a variety of other aspects of the sanctuary.

4.    Priority for these last 2 items would be contingent on the level of activity in items 1 – 4. 
a.    Monitoring the globe for exotic cat news through Google alerts and developing a network of AdvoCats who provide you with news.
b.    Posting anything that is wildcat related to the main blog, and subbing it out to all of the specific blogs and sending only the most pertinent copy out to the BCR Yahoo Group.  Maintaining these blogs entails making sure that the pages load correctly and that the format is consistent and attractive. 
c.    Creating pull quotes or headlines that really tell the story quickly, rather than the stupid things most reporters say and posting these at the top so that people can triage their efforts.  Where appropriate, including the contact info for the reporter, editor or entities involved making it easy for people to quickly respond.
d.    Sending your own letters to the press or legislators involved to further the mission of Big Cat Rescue.  Where appropriate, posting your letters as an example to the group, so that they know what to say.
e.    Work with the Film Crew to create photos and videos as a response to current news.  In many cases these can be posted immediately in response and this is becoming the trend. 

5.    Leading the AdvoCats.
a.    There are a lot of people who want to help Big Cat Rescue from afar, and there is no one assisting them.  You would be that person.
b.    These people can do tabling events at schools, fairs, civic events and we have a lot of tools online for them to use, if they had someone who could direct them to the signs, brochures, petitions and alerts that are on our 5,500 page web site.  Any age can do these kinds of events.
c.    Some of our AdvoCats are attorneys, lobbyists and other professionals who just need a little guidance and encouragement.  They have asked to help, but are being underutilized.
d.    CapWiz tells us when Town Hall meetings are being held and lets us know who our most active letter writers are.  Being able to contact a person and ask them to go to a critical Town Hall meeting and speak up for the cats can do immeasurable good.  Often, there is only one person speaking for the animals, if at all.  Taking free classes in Knowlegis (at CapWiz) will help you use these tools.
e.    Rewarding the AdvoCats is just as important and in most cases, people just want to know that they made a difference.  You will have the reports and results to be able to share with them how important their action was.
Job pays $26,000 a year with one week off.  We now provide health insurance.  This is an inside job and does not include any animal care duties.  Green shirt level volunteer hours required in addition to paid time.  Preferred candidates will be current volunteers who have excellent people and computer skills.  You will be sharing a tiny office space with Jessica and have all of the noise and chaos of the gift shop to deal with as well, so you must be someone who works well with these people under stressful circumstances.  Job begins between now and end of May 2009.

If interested please contact Carole Baskin at

For the cats,

Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue
an Educational Sanctuary home
to more than 100 big cats
12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL  33625
813.493.4564 fax 885.4457

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