Paignton Zoo puts rare Asiatic lion cub to sleep

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Paignton Zoo Puts Lion Cub to Sleep


Lion Cub Killed at Zoo

Lion Cub Killed at Zoo

A sick lion cub has been put to sleep at Paignton Zoo.

The rare female Asiatic lion was born in June and had been put to sleep because of spinal defects, the zoo said.

Curator of mammals Neil Benment said: “This is a great sadness for us and a real setback for the species, which is listed as endangered.”

The zoo said a post-mortem examination would be taken and the result was expected in the coming weeks.

Mr Benment added: “The cub was found to have spinal defects that became apparent as it grew.

“We had to do what was right for her.”

‘Full health check’Keepers realised that the cub was unwell as it became more mobile.

Mr Benment said: “Our in-house vet team intervened right away and we carried out a full health check and took X-rays – that’s when we identified the curvature of her spine.”

The cub had been cared for in a secluded den by its mother since it was born.

The zoo said it was the first successful breeding attempt the pair, Mwamba and Indu had had.

Less than 300 Asiatic lions survive in the wild in India’s Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary.

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