Palisades Park Library ESL Class Learns About Big Cat Rescue

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Palisades Park Library ESL Class Learns About Big Cat Rescue

I have worked at the Palisades Park Library for 13 years, and since I have been advocating for Big Cat Rescue I’ve found my workplace to be a great venue to get the word out about BCR.

The inkjet recycling program is ongoing, when I wear my BCR shirts they always generate interest, and Auroara’s picture, and the poem I wrote for her, were printed in our 2008 Art and Poetry catalog.

Recently the teacher for one of the ESL classes, Carol Zaccagnini, asked if she could use the newspaper article about my visit to BCR in her class. She also asked me to speak to her class about my visit and BCR.

I’m not very comfortable speaking to a group, but I’ve found it a lot easier when I’m talking about something I love. I love sharing my BCR experience and telling everyone what an awesome organization it is. Although I was nervous to speak, once I started and saw how interested the class was, the nervousness disappeared.

I made a display board with pictures I took at BCR, information, and how people can help. I even was “bold” enough to ask if anyone had any questions, which they did, like, how is BCR different from a zoo, how to help BCR, and the different reasons why the cats are at BCR. I gave the class flyers with BCR’s website, ways they can help, and links to pages on the site where they can find more information.

At the close of the program one student thanked me for speaking to the class and said she really saw the passion and love I have for the cats and BCR. If my passion and love came through, I think I did all right.

My visit to BCR was a dream come true. The friends I have made, meeting the cats, and experiencing the love, respect and dedication the staff has for the cats was amazing. I’m dedicated to helping and supporting Big Cat Rescue in any way I can.



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