Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims

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Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims

And the winners are:

Both school Total is $274.41

Weaver Highest Class is Mrs. Olive with $29.26
Fairbanks Highest Class is Ms. Mansel with $41.37

Weaver Highest Child is Jordan with $6.96 
Fairbanks Highest Child is Tyler with $15.88

La Wanna Jones visited Big Cat Rescue in August of 2004 to help us build a children’s learning center online, complete with games, puzzles, storybooks and more. When she heard about the damage done to the refuge by four hurricanes in six weeks, she set out to help. Knowing that we needed chainsaws and other heavy duty tree clearing equipment to remove the trees that had fallen on the Cat-A-Tats (what we call cages) she went to Walter at Carpenter’s Saw Shop at 1340 E. Kearney St. Springfield, Mo. and asked for his help. Not only did Walter donate a great Stihl chainsaw, but he also sent along spare parts and oil because in Florida these items are impossible to find due to the great demand.

Wood Chipper

With most of the dead trees now cut up, Big Cat Rescue needs a commercial grade wood chipper that costs $3200.00. The reason this is so important is that Florida is the lightning capital of the world and with all of this dead brush laying about there is a very real threat of fire caused by lightning. To prevent a further disaster La Wanna went to the principal of the school where she has sent all six of her children. Janelle Andrus of Weaver Elementary and Fairbanks Elementary agreed to Penny Wars to aid the tigers and other exotic cats of Big Cat Rescue. The children will collect pennies each day from October 18, to October 22, 2004 to help us buy this wood chipper.

At the end of the Penny War GRAND PRIZES will be awarded.

The class in each school with the most money collected gets a classroom prize.

The child in each school that gets the most gets a prize.

The class from both schools combined that gets the most gets a prize.

The child from both schools combined the gets the most gets a prize.

Then there will be daily prizes class for most from between both schools. For the end of war class grand prize for each school will get a 1 hour VHS about Big Cat Rescue called The Big Cat Picture.   LaWanna will will give each grand prize class a set of Big Cat CDs which will be “Tigers In The Mist”‘ “Cougars”‘ and “The Truth About White Tigers” . (1 class from each school)

For the grand prize winning child from each school Big Cat Rescue will give a big cat T-Shirt. LaWann will give each grand prize winning child one Big Cat CD.

For the child with the most of all, the one big grand prize will be a t-shirt for that child and the set of the 3 Big Cat CDs.

Paullletta will help with the daily class prizes.

Big Cat Rescue will be reporting the daily figures here. You can also help by making a donation at the top right of this page or you can donate through PayPal here:


152 students —-Weaver Elementary —- $103.62

Grade Last name of
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pre-K Cross 0 2.22 0 0
K Bingham 0 2.55 6.04 1.17
K Horton 0 .56 0 .87
1st Conrad 0 1.92 .19 6.96
2nd Olive 2.42 2.19 5.60 19.05
3rd Shaw .40 5.26 .69 9.97
4th Cartwright 0 4.55 4.00 8.60
5th Rodemacher 0 5.10 8.36 .25
SE Pumphrey 4.70

156 students —- Fairbanks Elementary —- $170.79

Grade Last name of
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
K Gott .68 .41 1.98 1.06
1st Weicher 0 4.01 5.31 20.86
1st&2nd Phillips 0 3.42 4.99 4.36
2nd McCray 0 4.65 3.30 6.46
3rd Mansel 3.23 5.46 28.73 3.95
4th Downing 0 2.01 23.41 3.79
4th&5th Doennig 0 8.67 7.85 15.33
5th Hampton 1.11 .76 3.00 3.00

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