PSA for Big Cat Rescue as Class Assignment

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2011 Dec 4:  My husband and I, the proud parents of Benjy Robinov had the pleasure of touring the facility October 28, 2011. We are still talking about the experience and telling all our friends about the sanctuary.

A definite destination to Tampa for more people to realize the importance of Big Cat Rescue.

Thank you for making the difference on this planet.

Sincerely,  Elise & Marvin Tepper


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Big Cat Rescue PSA for class assignment!

I do not own or wish to profit off of any of the content included in this video! Although I do have permission from Big Cat Rescue to create this Public Service Announcement!


Windsor posted this on Trip Advisor Nov. 17, 2011

My boyfriend and I visited Big Cat Rescue while we were waiting for our late evening flight home, and I'm so very glad we had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

This is NOT a zoo and all tours are guided. We did the day tour as I'd heard it was the best experience for your buck, and were not disappointed. Our tour guide, Kim, was friendly and informative, and seemed to genuinely care about the animals. In fact, all the volunteers and keepers that we came across seemed to have love for their animals. The staff are not allowed to touch or handle the animals, and have even figured out ways to keep the enclosures clean without entering. This is because Big Cat Rescue is designed to give the animals as much of an experience of being in the wild as possible.


Unfortunately... the animals here are former pets or performing animals and have seen the worst in people. At BCR, they are given the best care possible, and every attempt is made to help them return to their 'wild' roots. Sadly most of them will never see the wild again due to health or just plain not knowing what to do out there...

The enclosures are tailored to the animals, and the ones for the bigger cats are HUGE. Our tour ended up being nearly 2 hours and still it wasn't enough to experience all the beauty. This place is a blessing for those who need rescuing. The entry fee is $29 per person but totally worth it, and with the money going to feed the cats and maintain, I have no issue with this whatsoever. If you're in Tampa, make this a stop on your journey.

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Hear what people who actually donate to Big Cat Rescue have to say about how they feel:
First Name Last Name Review of Big Cat Rescue
Marie Johnston Wonderful people do wonderful things....the cats thank you!!!,
Caroline Osley I only have small kitties  :).  Thank you for helping the big ones!  :)
michelle wool Bless you for taking care of the Cats:)
Ms Williams I think what you do is awesome. Big cats rule!
Wendy Greer Big Cat Rescue is an amazing facility helping amazing cats!
Douglas Cohn Thank you for what you do.  They deserve it all.
Lelia Proctor Please save your $ for the kitties and do not send me printed materials by mail - Thanks
Jane Parks Animal \lovers\" created most of these problems
Susan Querze Thanks for all you do-I've been doing small cat rescue since the 80's so I know how much work is involved in the care  of abandoned or abused animals. Good luck to you and your cats
Kathleen Cain Big Cat Rescue is one of the finest and commited organizations in the world.  Their amazing work not only gives hope for the animals they save but, the dedication of theri staff and volunteers shine a brilliant  light on an otherwise dark area.  I am honored to help in any way I can.
Megan Hendricks Big Cat Rescue serves a wonderful need in the community of educating people about the dangers of having exotic animals as pets and the plight of exotic cats in the entertainment industry. They take excellent are of their rescued animals and are an upstanding organization all around.
Julie Kozel Big Cat Rescue works hard to help animals & I like that!  :>)
Catherine Exendine Its a great cause saving lives that are unable to save themselves due to circumstances beyond their control
Sharon McReynolds Win that big money for those BIG CATS !!  Keep up the great work.
Laura Cincotti A wonderful organization that continues to care for animals that would otherwise live horrible lives.  Let's keep them strong until the day comes that animal cruelty no longer occurs.!  Keep up the good work.
George Ellis I feel that is a very worthy cause and only wish it could be more.
Harriette Frank I love cats.
Justin Boorstein Big Cat Rescue is my favorite Non-Profit as well as an incredible Large Cat Sanctuary, and i know my donation will go directly to the cats.
Christine Pylypowycz It makes me happy to think that these great cats are cared for and loved.
L F Tinckham Tigers are especially beautiful and magnificent animals that are exploited for their bodies.
Please protect them for they like all animals need our support but even more so when they are merely thought of by some badly misinformed people as a form of 'medicine' - please stop it is a lie!
Nellie Batz I've always been a fan of bigs cats and love to hear about people who take care of them.
Teresa Rousseau  I love cats
Anne Mooney Big Cat Rescue has a big heart.
Mr. Kris Harker These wonderful animals need our help.  They certainly didn't ask to be put in a bad situation.  Thanks to this wonderful organization, these animals have a second lease on life.
Joyce Vermilyer We need to help our wild life, please support and help Big Cat Rescue
Cathy Connolly All cats cats deserve a life free of pain and suffering due to human cruelty.  Thank you Big Cat Rescue for all you do!
Donald Bush Big Cat Rescue lives up to its name!
Kathryn Laubengayer I volunteer with the Central NY Cat Coalition in the rescue, spay, vaccination, and foster care of cats and get them adopted into forever loving homes.
Joan Van Rijswijk You are wonderful for helping these beautiful creatures live the happy and healthy life that they deserve.
pATRICIA COFFEY Animals need our help...
Lisa Morgan These beautiful creatures deserve the dignity that Big Cat Rescue gives back to them.
Paula Mercer because these are beautiful animals who deserve the same chance as any other animal
Ceci Madruga I have been a supporter of Big Cat Rescue since I discovered them years ago. The work they do here gives me such a great hope for our all our beloved big cats, especially the Florida Panther, which is critically endangered. They go all the way to make the big cats they care for as comfortable, healthy, mentally stimulated, and well-fed as possible, in fact I'm sure they'd do more if it was at all possible. These are my heroes, and I will be there for them as long as I am around.
Teresa Patterson I love the Big Cat Rescue work that all employees do, thank you.
Carol Myers To Save the Kitties
JACKIE HALLACK Big Cat Rescue gives all that they possibly can for the direct benefit of the \Big Cats\""
suzanne riahi God bless Big Cat Rescue for their commitment to the animals.
Jane Dutson Miaowzer, Big Cat!
Donna Milhollen Because 100% of my donation goes directly to the Big Cats' welfare and I am a big time Cat Lover!
Angelica Standley I hope that Big Cat Rescue wins the prize!  They are a wonderful organization!
Nicole Angelillo I love the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, and what they stand for.  I have visited numerous times while I was in FL, and it is absolutely wonderful what they do for the big cats.  Please support them
Heather Weber I have always loved big cats and I believe they all deserve to be admired, respected, loved and well taken care of!!  I support Big Cat Rescue because they do all this and much much more for these wonderful animals!!  Keep up the good work!!
Joshua Kennedy Big Cat Rescue is a great organization, it is fun to support such a great place.
William Lincks Thanks!
Robin Rizzo Because my boss makes me
Mary Hordichok I am honored to support this wonderful organization and their efforts to give dignity and sanctuary to these big cats who have been misused.  Bless them.
Lynette Ridder I love cats of all sizes, and Big Cat Rescue is the purrrrfect organization to support in helping those precious felines.
Tiffany Triston Dedicated to the memory of  \Lidda Red.\"  We enjoyed your company and miss your furry little face.  "
Nicole Pierce I want to help Big Cat Rescue aid more helpless animals!
Melissa Levy Big Cat Rescue is the best!
Jennifer Bath Help Big Cat Rescue raise $10,000.00 by donating today - it is very very easy.
Victoria Taylor A lot of folks help pets, not everyone will stand up for these beautiful but dangerous creatures. Thank you for your work & keep it up!
Kevin Callahan I Love Animals of all kinds but these Big Cats have been dealt a bad hand and need our support, all our support.
Tammy Criollo They provide a safe haven for these beautiful cats!
Vanessa Favero Big Cat Rescue does important work not being done by any other organization, and they need the help of any and all people who care about the fate of big cats in need of rescue.
Patricia Jeznach Visited this place and it is GREAT
Anne Farson Big Cat Rescue helps the animals that can't help themselves due to the abuse or mismanagement of humans. (Supposedly the SUPERIOR race). They offer educational tours and have an awesome gift shop that you can check out in person (Tampa, FL) or online. It's a great rehab facility and they assist with returning big cats to the wild (the ones that CAN go back) and make sure the ones that can't be returned have a safe and happy environment for the rest of their natural lives. Of course they feed them quite well and their well-trained and loving staff of volunteers love them all. I hope that when I no longer have to work full-time to support myself and my family, that I can become a volunteer and help Big Cat Rescue in their endeavors.
Pamela Devoid A fantastic organization for cats that need our help.  Best Volunteers and organizers that give up countless hours to support unwanted cats.  I know how expensive these cats are and we want Big Cats to be around for a long time.
Thank You, Pamela Devoid
Fran Wayton They do the job others will not do in saving cats and giving them a quality life.
Jenny Rolness I support Big Cat Rescue for the wonderful help it gives to abandoned and ill-treated cats.
Pat Bohlinger This organization seems to really care about the welfare of the animals
Dale Kowalski Keep up the great work Big Cat Rescue!
Genene Redar I support BCR because we ALL need to do our part to make sure the connection is NOT broken between each other. The animals large and small need us....need all of us!!
Laura Ashworth They do so much for the cats that they rescue, it is just wonderful.
Kimberly Sarratea We live in Tampa Florida and are huge supporters of the work that is done at Big Cat Rescue.  The beautifully majestic big cats are amazing and deserve the best chance in life they can possibly get.  I'm so glad that they've found their permanent home at Big Cat Rescue.  To Carole, Scott and all the workers and volunteers at Big Cat Rescue, thank you so much for all that you do.  God bless!!!  :)
Clarence Bird This is a wonderful organization working for a noble cause.
Renee Maurus I think this is an AWESOME organization that takes wonderful care of their animals!  We went there during a trip to Tampa and couldn't believe how fabulous it was!
josh harry To all the animals who can't help themselves.
Joyce Sipolt These are wonderful, beautiful animals. They deserve the best care they can get, and I think Big Cat Rescue feels the same way.
Paul Reilly For my lovely girlfriend Jessica, Happy Birthday :-)
Don Fowler Anther the panther! Keep the tigers and lions roaring, and spot the leopards eating.
Beth Shulman It's the little bit I can do to help the folks help those awesome Beings.
Susan Williams To Carole for all her help
Angie Gabor Big Cat Rescue is an amazing organization that not only cares for the animals in their care but also the fate of those in the wild. They strive to educate the public and save the lives of many more animals by acting as their voice in the human world.
Maria Bommarito Of you are ever in Tampa you need to plan a day and visit The Big Cat Rescue! It is a great experience. The staff is also top knotch! It is worth every penny $25 for a day tour.
shane chapin These beautiful creatures are precious and deserve our respect and care in their time of need.
Ellen Tudisco A well-run organization with a positive impact and care philosophy that betters big cats lives.
Jeannette Bingham I love the big cats, had a great time touring Big Cat Rescue and want to help them help the cats!
Madeleine Wachter Be part of an army of carers!
Marisa Davies A wonderful cause!
Jacob Harshman Big Cat Rescue is a magical place for abused and neglected felines that would have no other place to go other wise. The care and respect I have seen the keepers give to these animals is amazing. Not only do they take care of there cats on site, but they also strive to protect the same species in the wild. That's why I support Big Cat Rescue in every way possible.
Joyce Ranieri Doing the work I can't in helping the big cats of the world that have been left to fend for themselves in society.
Jennifer Atkins I love all the kitties, from the biggest to the smallest.
Joni Stokes Big Cat Rescue helps animals that should not need our help. Yet, they do. People are the problem. Big Cat is the problem solver. Wild animals belong in the wild. We need to make it so they are left where they belong!!
Genevieve Laurin I visited the place last summer... One of the best sanctuaries for big cats in my opinion.  You can see they really care about the animals and they are active in prevention as well.
Vicki Conn BCR is the only non-profit rescue for big cats that not only uses over 90% of their donations for the cats, but also takes the most wonderful care of them.  I love BCR
MARSHA WOERNER The least that we can do to try and right wrongs that we have already and continue to inflict
James Brunton The Big Cat Rescue does remarkable work to overturn the injustice that has been done to these remarkable animals.
Kelly Meza I support Big Cat Rescue because it's necessary.
Alberta Pizzolato Spend your time, energy and money fixing things within your control. That's what they do at the Big Cat Rescue and that's why I help whenever I can.
Jane Olson They rescue my favorite animals and allow them live out their lives in the best possible way. They are also activists and advocates that educate others about the plight of these once \wild animals\" that now must live in captivity."
TERRY CARLTON It is wonderful place
kathleen cleveland I love all big cats of all species
Timothy Olmstead Visted Big Cat Rescue this past Friday and was very impressed with the work they do there to help the cats.
Cat Camp The Baskins & their crew are making a bigger difference in this world then most of us can dream of!
T Zieba Because animals are everything good and pure on this earth.
Dusty Hooke I feel that they are doing so much to help educate the public about big cats as well as helping these beautiful animals most of whom have suffered so much at the hands of humans.
Elyssa Bernard I love all animals, and care about making the world a better place for them.
Lisa Wojcik I completely, wholeheartedly agree with Carole Baskin's vision statement for Big Cat Rescue: \A world where the animals we share it with are treated with respect and caring and where habitat is preserved to insure the indefinite future survival of these wonderful gifts of nature.  In creating such a world
nancy freitag the cats suffer because of human stupidity
Peggy Lannen I love all cats!  They deserve loving care!
Dean Rodriguez Do what you can to make a \positive\" difference"
Kimberly Miller Great organization!  They truly care about these animals!
karen hollwedel A great way to make a difference to save these beautiful animals.
Lisa Posluszny Thank you
Robin Goldansky Thank goodness for the Big Cat Rescue for taking care of the most magnificent creatures on earth!
Patrick Devoid I have visited this very well run rescue and was moved by the genuine care & concern both the staff & volunteers have for these animals
Deb Vallario I am thrilled to help an organization where the people involved have dedicated their hearts and souls to this incredible and worthwhile cause.
maciej zaremba I support Big Cat Rescue because 1) they're local to me, 2) people abuse too many large cats, 3) I like to donate my money!
Angela Kenison Big Cat Rescue does great work!
Candace Barbara What wonderful things happen to the Big Cats when they are saved from certain death.
Kimberly Kimball Wonderful Organization.  Their one and only goal is the well being of the cats in their care.
Jennifer Stevens A wonderful organization that is dedicated to the future of these magnificant species.
Jennifer Cassidy We Keep taking away their homes and making them live in cages.  Everbody needs to do something to make their lives better.
Barbara Stempien I support Big Cat Rescue for all the wonderful work they do for all the cats.
r howard because we owe it to these magnificent animals to care for them after they have been forever altered by \man's\" environmental stresses and needless demands."
Kim Corkins Because Big Cat does what others only wish they could
Gale Ingham These abused and discarded animals deserve a good life since they will never have a true wild life. Big Cat Rescue gives them the closest thing to it. It is alot of hard work and they do a great job taking care of these animals.  Great Job BCR Volunteers..
Debbie Roy I've been to Big Cat Rescue and have seen first hand the wonderful care they give all the rescued big cats.
Donna Gannon Big Cat Rescue is a great organization with a dedicated staff and volunteers who truly care about these animals.
Karin Stern With 2 little cats that add such pleasure to our lives, we can't help but support such a wonderful organization that does important work with their larger cousins.
Elissa Rudolph BCR is the best organization I've ever seen where you can see your donations at work. The cats are given the best care and seem happy. I wish there was no need for such a place, but I'm so glad BCR exists!
Patricia Wolf The caring individuals at Big Cat Rescue give these animals a better life.
Susan Dumas The beautiful  big vats are under threat. They are under so much threat from human activity. Without our help they will not survive.
\Holly\" Vilna" Troubetzkoy These cats have found love and care and a future with the Big Cat Rescue. It becomes essential to actively stand up for what we beleive in and support for living creatures and their environment is essential now before all is distroyed. If we can also fund over road crossovers for wild cats as they have here in the Netherlands thesecats can increase their longevity and decrease the toll on the roads.
Debra Harpole I care about our wildlife and want them to get the best possible help, which is Big Cat Rescue!
justine ferrier I support Big Cat Resuce because of the selfless work they carry out to help so many beautiful big cats.
Bearcat Sandor I am a jaguarundi therianthrope.
Antonia Catanzaro b/c they are committed to giving hurt majestic cats a safe place to be protected from man...since god doesn't seem to be doing it.....they are committed to keeping the cats as healthy and  happy as possible in confinement ...since the cats cannot be safe in the wild where they belong...
Jacquelyn Hahn This is a great service.  I recently visited Big Cat Rescue and was pleased to see the catatats provided for each of the Big Cats.
MJ Broadbent Big Cat Rescue is amazing and incredibly big-hearted. All the rescue cats have a large, natural, safe space and are well-loved. Such a better life than they had before! It's also a fantastic place to visit. Forget zoos and theme parks; take your family and friends to spend some time at Big Cat Rescue. It will touch your hearts in a way you can't even imagine.
Bryan Cummins To support all the cats, big and small, who need our love and support
Amanda Raffenello Because people don't realize what happens to these animals.
Sue Little Very simple. They work so hard for the cats!
Paul Lyford It is a superior educational refuge for critically endangered big cats. They do wonders to provide a quality life for these animals that have been abused as pets, in the fur trade, or forced into slavery as circus animals
Frances Caso I Donate Because of \TESSA\" In Her Memory!! My She Forever Rest In Peace! She Was The Original Exxon Tiger Exxon/Mobil Used for There Ads. She was A Gorgeous Bengal Tiger."
Angela VanCleve Big Cat Rescue is an organization that I have utmost respect for, they take in many big cats that otherwise would have no chance of being saved, mainly due to others stupidity in thinking they can keep a big cat just because they have a liscence to do so. I hope Big Cat Rescue wins! Keeping fingers and paws crossed!
Darlene Tschiember I love the Big Cats because they are all very special.  They need our help.  Lets help them.
Jennifer Griffith Great organization which provides a much-needed sanctuary to \pets\" which should never have been pets...."
John Lawrence Tell everyone Big Cats are to stay in the wild, forever!
Dian Thompson No other organization can make a difference like Big Cat Rescue!
Lauren Hart Big Cat Rescue and all it's supporters have nothing but the absolute best intentions-On behalf of all these wonderful cats who never have to endure a day of suffering the rest of their lives-Rarrrr (thank you)!
teresa furman i love cats, and the worlds animals are important to keep from going exstinct
Courtney Larson This group really does make a difference in the lives of these cats. Every cat has a day to day existance and thanks to Big Cat Rescue that existance is a pleasurable one.
Lauren Hart The fear and torture these cats experience everyday will be forgotten once they step foot into big cat heaven at Big Cat Rescue.  The love and ongoing efforts to save every cat possible is  something every person who works/volunteers and donates should feel wonderful about on a daily basis.  Although as a rescue organization they are not \god\" and cannot save every cat- Big Cat Rescue does their best and tries their hardest to do what they can-if that means saving a cat/cats or raising public awareness and attempting to change laws- On behalf of all the cats who have been rescued and will be rescued in the future
TracyLee Pierce Big Cat Rescue is simply the best!
Susan Collins The big cats need all the help they can get in this world of hunters, shrinking habitat, and exploitation for profit.
Cathy Reeder I volunteer at a big cat rescue in Texas and understand how much it takes to help these beautiful creature live out their lives in peace and harmony.  Thanks to Big Cat Rescue for their neverending support!
Diana Rao I will support Big Cat Rescue until the exotic pet trade is done away with.
michele salazar Every cat life saved by Jack Hanna adds blessings to your own life.  These animals deserve love and respect.
Mark Thrift Tigers are beautiful. All big and small cats for that matter. I refuse to live in a world without these amazing creatures of God.
Cynthia McFall Humanity should be the stewards of wild life, not its destroyer.
Susanne Perla These majestic animals deserve our respect and our care.
Denise Lovett Big Cat Rescue is one terrific organization. So glad to help!
Robynne Kapatkin They speak up for the animals!
Virginia Dory grrrrrr.
Karen Lund Without Big Cat Rescue, many large cats would be euthanized or live miserable lives.  It is a great organization that is a relentless advocate for the Big Cats.
Beth Barrett Because my husband and I are passionate about all things feline.
Kelly Cherry Big Cat Rescue takes cats that other individuals have abused for their own profit and gives them back the most natural, normal life they can have. I greatly admire their efforts and hope for their continued success. For the cats.
Lori Caruccio Excellent organization that helps big cats in need. Well run and they know how to make this work. They care so much about the animals and let you visit and always stay in touch through newletters, etc. I love animals so I want to help.
Melly Maronde God Bless Carol and all the staff at Big Cat Rescue. Thanks for everything that you do to keep these big cats safe.
James Lewis Cause cats are the best!
Rob Furlong It is doing great things for majestic cats that have been removed from their natural habitat.
Laura Frederick Hicks Big Cat Rescue is awesome! Sorry my donation couldn't be more...
Willie Hinze they are an excellent organization and dedicated to helping the animals
Kathleen McCarter I love cats of all sizes, and I've been to Big Cat Rescue.  The animals need the support.
Darla Foertsch I have a deep love and respect for these beautiful cats
Sharon Dower They do a great job!
kathryn pajerowski It was their world before ours and it is our actions that have brought them to where they are now.  I hope these beautiful animals will still be here long after my children and grand children have come and gone.
Kim Gabel I support Big Cat Rescue because they have opened up their hearts to help the \Big Cats\" have a chance to live more freely in a large protected environment rather then in small quarters and being mistreated by others."
barbara riddle Big Cat Rescue feeds my soul.
Kathleen Kirkpatrick I love to visit Big CatRescue
corey hyde leave wild animals alone in the WILD!
donna abersman They can't open doors, but we can open those doors for them.  Most of these magnificent animals were shut behind doors and abused; we have the gift of the power to liberate.  It feels good!  Try it!
Monique McGee Someone has to step up to the plate for all of the voiceless exotics that are bred in captivity and languish in sheds of horror and darkness, all to inhumane ends in the long-run.  This wreckless regard has to stop and until it does, we all have to do the right thing.
Juliette Smock I want to make a difference in a Big Cat's life and let them know that they are loved!
penny arnett They're genuinely pursuing safe and natural habitat for big cats - as well as pursuing legislation to further that effort.  It's not commercial, it's for real.
Casey Haper Few experiences have touched me more than seeing the cats at Big Car Rescue and hearing the sad stories of how they came to be in their care. I can't think of a more worthy cause.
Rely ton I've visited, and they are a wonderful organization.
Carey Johnson Everyone there is totally dedicated to the welfare and education of the big cats.
shriver smith I support Big Cat Rescue because I LOVE cats and they have a VERY WORTHY cause!!!
Madeline George Because they do everything they can to help big cats in need of shelter, food & medical care. They are awesome!
Terri Halle This is for the Big-O FuZZyButtZ and their caretakers who work endlessly to keep them safe from any more harm on this earth.  Thank you BCR for helping spread the word to keep more of these precious WILD animals from needing a place like yours.  Education is key.
Colby Cox After visiting Big Cat Rescue in December I was so impressed with the facility, the employees, the volunteers and all they do for the big cats.  What a wonderful sanctuary!!
Lynda Akin This is a much needed, very worthy cause
Joanna Kennedy for their good work
Becky Gagliardo I believe in their mission and fully support what they are trying to do.  Get the laws changed so that people can not own these magnificent animals.
Azure Hansen Happy 18th birthday to both my little lion Juice and and Big Cat Rescue!!
d omuro I don't live in Tampa, so I can't volunteer.  Just wanted to help! Sgt. D.  Chicago Police Department
Tracy Fozdar Simple........they are doing a fantastic job!
Blake Ford I can't imagine the amount of $$$ just required to feed just one of these big guys.  My monthly $15.00 may not be a lot on it;s own but if everyone donated just a little every month we could really make a difference.  If I can do it anyone can!
Vicki Alberts Big Cat Rescue is a wonderful organization.
Lori Udenberg I think that Big Cat Rescue is the best thing that could ever  happen for these wonderful creatures, since there are so many soulless people in this country that can't see the beauty in these cats in their natural habitat.
Maria Sarno These wonderful creatures would have no refuge otherwise.
Laura Roper I love cats, no matter how small or how big. If I can help I will.
Minna Andersen-Zimmer You deserve to get back the love that you give to your amazing cats!
Collier & Associates Real Estate LLC GOD Bless all the animals, may they find Love, Food and Shelter and may those too ill be with GOD at the Rainbow Bridge with all of us who love them so. We will show them our love here and ther forever! I pray for the day animals and humans can live in peace and have respect and true love for one another.
Paula Mather Wonderful, caring charity.
Michelle Wiseman This is an excellent facility, run by caring, dedicated and knowledgeable staff and volunteers.
Claudia B Big Cats are the most beautiful creature on Earth, for me, and helping them is always a pleasure. Like Big Cats Rescue says; what's a 10$? Go to restaurent is more expensive. And this 10$ is about to save a life... I think everyone could do an effort, and giving a litte 10$ is a great way to do it. After all, if the Cats are so risk-if -if all species are , finally- isn't due to human beings? Perhaps we cannot change the past, but we can ensure that their future will be better, them, the first inhabitants of the Earth.
Pamela Waldron Big Cat Rescue is AMAZING!
Jennifer Holley What a noble and amazing cause! Thank you for providing a safe place for these beautiful animals to live!
Norma` Scanlon helping these wonderful cats live out their lives in peace,free from cruel conditions!
Rebecca Saxon I support Big Cat Rescue in every decision they make. I hope we can all band together to make it illegal in the US for these beautiful creatures to be put in such circumstances that we even need a Big Cat Rescue. I am glad they are here until that day comes and will continue to support them as long as I am able.
Cary Bautista Although all animals are wonderful, the cats, both big and small, wild or tamed are absolutely regal, majestic and beautiful.  Tigers, my soulmates, are the love of my life.  There is no other cat as awesome and beautiful as these cats.  Mother nature gave us such a treasure in these wonderful creatures and it is heartbreaking that humans cannot respect and cherish these gorgeous cats.
Denise Brooke Big Cat Rescue does a great service to these cats that would otherwise have no where safe to go. They can live out their lives in a safe, comfortable place. The sanctuary keeps as many trees & natural plants around to stimulatet the animals senses & it is a beautiful place to visit.
Gillian Davis Go Cats
Amy Polcari Big Cat Rescue need our help!  These cats need to be in the wild, not exploited like so many places & individuals do.  I am thankful to this agency for being the voice for Big Cats in this world!
Brenda Vitucci These beautiful, majestic animals deserve our help and support. This is an organization that delivers. Its that simple.
Joyce Davis These fanatastic cats need our help. Please do your part.
Wendy Wyatt Because Cats deserve to live.
Kristin Knous I support Big Cat Rescue because they are incredibly dedicated to giving these cats a better life. I also am impressed with their efforts to try to pass a law that would make it illegal to buy or own certain wild animals.
Kira Hansen Big Cat Rescue was a highlight of my trip to Florida! They give their cats the best life possible!!
Debra Shwiff The big cats need a good quality of life in this country.
Big Cat Rescue helps greatly in providing them with a safe home.
amanda taylor THANKS.
Melissa McCance The traffic is wild cats is an obscenity.  I am grateful to sanctuaries like Big Case Rescue that provide havens for the victims of this wretched trade.
Paul Deutsch Big Cat Rescue works hard to provide a loving home to big cats!
Sharon Adams I was fortunate enough to visit the Rescue Center three years ago and saw first hand the fine care these poor animals have recieved. Thank you all at Big Cat Rescue for your efforts in making thier lives better!
Natasha Gapinski I love cats of all sizes, and I know we don't always do right by them.
Sharyn Fox This is a great organization helping save abandoned, abused cats of all ages and sizes.
Brenda Merson I support Big Cat Rescue because they are doing their best to save these beautiful big cats!
Shelli Pawlu No one should have big cats as pets and/or business and I am grateful that there is someone out there that is willing to speak up for them, save them and take care of them. I wish I could do so much more. Thank you Big Cat Rescue !!!!!
James Evans Keep up the good work!
Wendell Finner I wish there were more conscientious and dedicated folks out there like BCR -- keep up the good work!
Claudia Greco You can judge a civilization by how it treats its animals.  Big Cat Rescue more than withstands such judgment.  We, however, don't.
Nancy Lamb They are a wonderful organization.  I appreciate all they do for animals!
Jacqueline Deely I support Big Cat Rescue because of the amazing job they are doing at saving these beautiful, majestic creatures from horrible situations.  These animals deserve our help and respect.  You guys rock!
Andrea Greene-McFadden Big Cat Rescue is a wonderful organization and take wonderful care of their cats. Thank you so much for all that you did.
Christine Zingaro There are no people who are more devoted to their work than the people at Big Cat Resue
Robert McDaniel The animals deserve a good life and the folks at Big Cat Rescue are providing that for them which is no cheap undertaking to say the least so if I can help by giving even a little bit I will.
Melanie Blake,,,,,
ricardo prieto wonderfull animals, worldwide victims of humans.
Laura Miguel It is a great sanctuary that non only works on rescueing but also educating the community. I have been there 3 times and I have learnt something new every time.  Thanks for all you do. You are amazing.
Trina King Big Cat Rescue does more for cats than anyone.  I am forever grateful.  I love the big cats.
Sherry Mitchell I support Big Cat Rescue, because their doing a wonderful thing in helping these poor innocent animals have a better life,
David Bartosic If you haven't been to their Tampa HQ, in my personal opinion it's a WAY better experience than any beach or other Florida attraction.
Cate Monroe I believe in what they do! One voice can make a difference.
Gloria Resa Tiger are a very important part of my life.
Andrea Lieberman I love the BIG CAT RESCUE!
Antoni Urbanowicz Keep good work
Melody Gaeta I have visited this Sanctuary and they ae AMAZING!
Heith Hennel Please help the cats....
M DIANE HODSON Thank you for all you do for the cats!!!
Brookie Judge I'm just so thankful an organization exists to help these abused yet amazing cats exists.
Suzanne Sweeten for the \big hearts\" at Big Cat rescue that help those cats in need that can't help themselves."
Robyn Dillard Big Cat Rescue truly cares about the animals that they care for.  I have been there several times to visit the cats and have talked to the people who work with them and I come away knowing that the cats are in the best place that they can be next to the wild.  Their goal is not only to take care of these abandoned and abused cats but also to education the public on why these animals should not be kept as pets but should be left to live where they belong-in the wild.
Sheree Marquardson Everything deserves to live a decent life.....thanks for giving them the option to \live\" instead of be lived through."
Martha Lidral Big Cat Rescue is a wonderful sanctuary that rescues wild cats and takes care of them for life.
alex bates This sanctuary is an inspiration and a wonderful home for these damaged cats
Dorothy Hobbis I support Big Cat Rescue for all of the care and devotion these people give to all of these beautiful cats. Without this care and devotion, I'm sure these animals would not be alive today.
Jhane Marello BCR provides their cats with a healthy and vibrant environment where they can live in peace and receive the best possible care.  It is a most impressive home for for earth's most wonder creatures - our big cats.
Carolyn Distel It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to take in these cats.  It costs a fortune and can be so heartbreaking.  Bless Big Cat Rescue for taking on this labor of love.
Laura Soliday I have visited BigCat Rescue and was impressed both times at the care the animals received and the dedication of volunteers and staff who spread the word that big cats belong in the wild.
Debra Scott Big Cat Rescue's founder and volunteers all work hard to make a difference in the lives of the animals they have been able to rescue.  BCR also strives to change laws to protect the cats, especially to keep them from being pets.  This is a top notch organization that truly cares!
Julie Deemer Big Cat Rescue is such a wonderful organization.
Conni Robertson Big Cats are our connection to the majesty of life -- please make a donation to allow for their continued care and co-existence.
Diane Inserra Thanks Big Cat Rescue for all of your hard work and dedication to these wonerful creatures.
Robin Clack Thank God there are people that try to right the wrongs heaped upon these beautiful and magnificent animals!
Monnie Turley I have been there and was amazed what they do
Rob Emmerson A small donation for a great cause.
Suzie Janard Visiting Big Cat Rescue was one of the most moving experiences I have had.
Dana Schmaltz for all these beautiful creatures, sent with love....
Suzanne Rabey Because they do such an amazing job - and are very good at keeping me informed about what they do!
daniel russo Thanks!
Roxanne Pafundi I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful rescue haven for Big Cats. It is amazing! While all the stupid Big bail outs go on in Wash. and lead to NO Where....this donation will lead to something meaningful- life!
Ashley Ronga It is my bestfriend's dream to work with Tigers.  She loves the Big Cat Rescue, with hopes to work there one day. She donated money and asked me if I would like to.  I feel like I am helping her out with a dream of hers to help tigers, so of course I donated.
Joan Chakshuvej I love wild life, unfortunately, I don't have tons of money to support, I appreciate people like you continue care for their now and future.
John Hobbis We support Big Cat Rescue because of the wonderful work they do and because these beautiful animals, outside of their natural habitat, deserve all our support!
Bill Scott Great cause for neglected and abused animals.
Jacqueline Marshall In honor of every animal everwhere who has suffered, been abused, neglected, or killed for their fur and parts. Thank you Big Cat Rescue!
Joseph Pinkham Short of beng in the wild it's the best life a big cat can have
Brad Harris Avoid the revenge of GAIA
Carole Dyer ALL animals deserve a life of dignity and respect from humans.  These Big Cats have a second chance at both of these things thanks to this organization.  Let's all help our world make a come-back.
Netta Radice Thanks to you all for loving and caring for the Big Cats.
Phil Johnsey I've been there and was impressed at how well cared for the animals are. They're treated like good friends as any animal, especially a rescued one should be. Thanks for making a positive difference.
Debbie Brush I want to help out because you guys are doing some awesome work!!!! Keep it up. We love those critters :-)
john costello Please support Big Cat Rescue.
LE Eastman The work they do is invaluable.  I only wish I could do more.
Mick Marchant For Leslie, the softest, most caring fuzzy lover in the whole world.
Ann Chomicz A wonderful place, you have to go there and you will never forget the cats
christine sinclair-Rowe How we take care of our animals is a reflection on who we are as human beings.
Barbara Lowe before they are gone forever--help save these cats and  more!
Cathy Robbins This organization truly cares about the plight of these beautiful creatures and is working to change the laws for the good of all exotic animals
Anne Barkett No one does more for the big cats!
Olga V. Fedorov To try to right the wrong that has been perpetrated against these majestic creatures.
Harry Tisch Great work and when I visited I was overwhelmed with the sincerity of the owners and volunteers
Theresa MIsacavage Help promote wildlife conservation and bring light to the problems facing wild animals kept in domestic situations.
Sally Higgins It is a great organization to help the cats and educate people. Plus I LOVE cats of all kinds-big and small...
karen goda This is a wonderful cause in saving these beautiful animals from all kinds of abuse.
Mark Crandall If you have not been there it is a must.  Great care is given to our big cat friends.
Karen Martin Thank you for a wonderful job done with love.
Bruce Willard Help the cats!
KAREN BENNETT They save so many lives and educate so many people. They are all angels!
Susan Laura Howell Big Cats rule!!
Jean Albini I am an animal lover especially cats (all sizes) I hate the fact that these beautiful big cats are abused, taken in as pets and abandoned.  As much as I would love to have one myself I know they belong in the wild.  I wish I lived there to be able to volunteer on a daily basis.
Ann Hickox They're just awesome!
Michael Cochrane A great organization taking care of neglected, abused and abandoned great cats.
Monica Ferraro Big Cat Rescue is the BEST!
Maurlin Lowks They do a magnificient job for giving big cats a quality environment, especially for abused older animals.  They are committed to quality care.
Julianna Brown I support Big Cat Rescue because one of my career goals is to focus on tiger conservation, and I find what the organization does is amazing. I also am looking forward to someday interning for big cat rescue.
cynthia joyce Nobody does what they do.
Yvonne Wibben Carol, the BCR staff and commited volunteers do a fantastic job providing a safe place for these amazing animals.
Christine Dassie Big Cat Resuce does an excellent job caring for the big cats with such warm and loving hearts.
Meredith MacCracken No other organization takes such good care and works so hard rescuing big cats. Thank you!
Dee Norman These beautiful cats deserve to know love and to live a life free from cruelty and mistreatment!
Helen Tanguis I remember as a child seeing the tiger where I lived in the southeast trapped in a small cage with no hope for escape.  It made me feel so sad that I cried for him.
KATHY MCDANIEL I support Big Cat Rescue because their purpose is to put themselves out of business by making it unnecessary to have a sanctuary for big cats through education and tireless efforts to stop trade in big cats. They encourage Congress to pass bills that aid exotic animals & big cats and as long as their sanctuary is needed, they will provide wonderful accommodations and much love to those cats who live there.  When a sanctuary is the only option available to these cats other than death or suffering, this sanctuary is one of the best there is!
Mary Jo Brinker Big Cat Rescue respects life, especially precious creatures of the cat family. To protect and heal those who cannot speak for themselves is the highest human endeavor. Man has a responsibility to keep animals in his protective care for future generations. Big Cat Rescue deserves help to carry out their mission.
leslie hagler I'll never forget my trip to Big Cat Rescue.  A dream come true to see those cats so well taken care of!
Katrina Koric My heart says YES!
CHERYL GONZALEZ I think that what Big Cat Rescue does for exotic cats is a good thing and they should be supported for their efforts.
Kristen Arnold save the Cats!
natalie mowan i support big cat rescue because i love the big cat and feel that those who think they can take on the responsibility of caring for these pets and fail make more problems than these cats deserve so i am so glad for BCR's efforts.
Tanya Solis I respect their mission and their dedication to these beautiful, amazing animals.
Jennifer Jones Thank you for helping the Big Cats!
Matt Ruszczyk Big Cat Rescue does amazing work for the animals.
sharon hobby I support Big Cat Rescue in honor of Doris Godwin.
Connie Mishali There is such a need for rescue of big cats and education to those who would try to keep these animals as pets, etc.!
Judy Hajer Bigcatrescue cares about bigcats. The animals have a second chance to live their natural catlives in a healthy environment. Judy and Mickey
Melanie McCormick This world is a better place because of Big Cat Rescue! Thank you for all you do!
jessica desteno I have been to Big Cat Rescue and they truely are saviors to these big cats.
Jon Brockway I support them because I've gone there and have seen what they do for the cats, they do great work. Also Tigers rule, and Big Cat Rescue is prolonging their lives.
Carolyn Schwartz Love the Big Cats!!!
Martin Streett Incredible philosophy about big cats deserving to live with respect after a life of exploitation and abuse.  Great, caring staff.  I'm very passionate about Big Cat Rescue-join me!
sehrish khawaja theres alot of people who think animals are toys...get watever you want and you can treat it as you wish. well if they for once they thought that animals are no less equal to live on this earth like humans they would no better to respect them...just because we dont speak, eat, talk and live like an animal doesnt mean they should be treated badly....humans are more barbaric savages then any species on earth...we are cruel, ignorant and destructive and we only care for ourselves...well im sick of being one of those humans and want to make a change...i love all animals and believe they deserve a chance to live the very best in there way. we need to stop taking these animals away from there homelands and putting them in small cages merely as eyecandy...we dont want to be put in cages ourselves stop doing it to other species!!
Cheryl Janiszewski I care about saving the Big Cats and Big Cat Rescue is doing a great thing.
Jeannette Fox We should help take care of God's creation especially in their time of need.
patricia pacheco for god's creatures
Chris Ennist purely for what they do for these cats. The entire compound is amazing to see.
Elizabeth Davenport i love the big cats and fully support Big Cat Rescue's desire to help the hurting ones
Joanne Pauwels It's all about giving back. The Universe (God) gave us beautiful animals to help balance Mother Earth's energies and it's our job, as stewards, to protect and preserve.
Rhonda Balsamello I support BCR because the difference they make in the lives of the animals they help is unbelievable.    I only wish I could do more or give more.
Stacey Brown I love kitties of all kinds and sizes.  I know that this organization is the BEST!!  Keep up the great work!!
Ashley Ermer This is a wonderful program. It educates and proves animals and humans can coexist peacefully. These animals, thanks to generous donations, have been saved and are getting the chance to live a wonderful safe life. I thank Big Cat Rescue for all they have done and are continuing to do.
Mike Robertson BCR is a place committed to reversing the injustice done to these magnificent animals. Thank you to all the donors and care-takers of this sanctuary!
Juan Antelo BCR is doing a wonderful thing for these mistreated animals.
Frankie Kangas For the marvelous care they give Simba and Freckles and all the other big cats and for getting legislation passed to prevent abuse of these wonderful animals.
Janis Eckert Please save the big cats.  We need them.
Linda Valier Because I love cats - of all sizes! - and think the work they're doing here is WONDERFUL!!
Karlene Williams Best Day of my life was at Big Cat Rescue
Susan Ickes These magnificent animals deserve the best life they can be given. Big Cat Rescue selflessly does that for them.
Phyllis Middaugh They tell the sanctuary story so very well - no buying, selling, trading or breeding and the animals that have been rescued are assured of the best life possible in spite of being \behind bars\" forever."
Jennifer Federico Big Cat Rescue does a great jog saving these precious lives, they will always have my support!
john costello Big Cat Rescue speaks and fights for ALL big and small cats. You guys are amazing, keep up the great work! PLEASE SUPPORT THEM~!...
Susan Berger On vacation to Florida, I made a point of visiting Big Cat Rescue and was very impressed with the people and the big and little cats.  A wonderful peaceful place.
Carol Bruce I thank God for Big Cat Rescue.  You are doing wonderful work for these magnificent animals.
Landry Billups Thank you for the great work that you're doing.
Mary Loher We must ensure the welfare of every human and animal on this planet!  For those of us that have had the opportunity to visit Big Cat Rescue, they have created a true haven for these precious neglected and abandoned big cats - and they perform miracles of giving these cats back their \Pride.\"  I just wish I had more funds to donate to this great charity!"
Judy Koningh Because I love those beautiful big cats. We desperately need laws and legislation to prevent people from having these cats as pets since they couldn't think ahead of the consequences.  Meow.
Melissa Barnes I care about the animals and want to see them taken care or
Christopher Girou I have visited the Big Cat Rescue and truly feel that without organizations like them many endangered species would become extinct.
Cindy Schwemlein Big Cat Rescue does tremdous work for the animals. They're awesome!
frederick fall Big Cat Rescue provides a home to abused animals and deserves enthusiastic support
Elizabeth Licowski When animals can't help themselves, they need our help!
Ann Marie Lee I have a soft spot in my heart for Tigers!
Kelly Montgomery Because the big cats deserve it! God bless Big Cat Rescue and all of their efforts.
Kimberly Page I love lions.
Rebecca Wilfinger Thank you for doing such great work for the cat.
Kim Farrell Big Cat Rescue is a wonderful place to visit - they take great care of their animals.
candice lazarus because these beautiful animals deserve to be helped !!
kimberly conner Everyone should pull together to help all of these beautiful wild animals. We need to give back to these wonderful animals to make up for the stupidity of certain people, who made their lives a nightmare. If we all pull together, we can make  all wild animals dreams come true. To Be Free and left alone from humans.
stacy hargrove I'm a cat lover what else is there to say?
Teri McLeish If we don't help the Big Cats then who will.  Thank you Big Cat Rescue for all that you do to save these magnificent creatures.
Leslee A Lenamond I love tigers.
Pat Young I believe they truly do what is best for the cats, and do everything to give the cats a happy, complete life.
mary bruder The heart and souls of the humans go into the care of the big cats, at Big Cat Rescue
Asuka Nakahara Kudos to Carole and Howie for their hard work and Big Cat Rescue's great mission!
Brenda Crosby This is an amazing organization. I love how it is all about the cats, not the tourist.
Alexis Foxx Big Cat Rescue is a safe home for all the animals that have been mistreated by humans in one way or another.
Traci Zawadzki I donated because Big Cat Rescue has to be one of the most awesome places as far as wildlife sanctuaries go.  The people at Big Cat Rescue have donated their time and their lives to keeping the animals happy and healthy so that they can live out the rest of thier lives at the sanctuary.  I love Big Cat Rescue and I wish I could do more for them.
Courtney Siperstein-Cook I admire Big Cat Rescue's caring commitment to noble creatures who have been abused or neglected. All the best in your work!
Diane Johnson There are more captive tigers than wild ones in the world today - Big Cat Rescue needs our support more than ever!
Betty Taylor Because Big Cat Rescue does a wonderful thing by helping helpless animals.
Paulette Riou What a great organization whose work is so important to all earthly inhabitants!
Marie Firestone BCR has been the only true rescue dedicated to the big cats that we have found in many years.
Rita Ransom Big Cats Rescue helps and protects some of Mother Nature's most wonderful creatures and ensures they live their lives in peace and safety.
Elizabeth Capps We must be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves!  BCR, you have my heart!
Lorena Dinger Big Cat Rescue does great work taking care of cats who've been mistreated, as well as educating people so that hopefully there are fewer cats needing help in the future.
Jeff Kremer Speaking for those magnificent creatures who cannot speak for themselves.
Linda Hulsey I love all cats big and small.  I want to help keep all cats alive and healthy as long as possible in the safest places around the World. I have personally been to BCR and appreciate what is being done there for the cats.
Jessica Barnett This is such a great organization!
Janet Baumgarner Big Cat Rescue helps all types of wild cats that have been abandoned by circuses, shows, and private owners.
Michele Hershey These magnificent animals cannot speak for themselves and never asked to be here, it is the generosity of Big Cat Rescue and heartfelt humans that help them live better lives.
Carrie Christensen Because this fabulous organization, BCR, is providing what these regal (& all) creatures have deserved to experience their whole lives; dignity, comfort and safety.
Tory Braden They need help feeding all the cats and traveling expenses to help or rescue others.  Thanks for all you do.
Stephanie Iacono This is a GREAT organization interested in the well-being of all big cat races.  They care for discarded animals & educate the public to help improve their treatment everywhere.  I've been to many zoos, but when we toured Big Cat Rescue, I was impressed with how well the animals were cared for.  One of their tigers was even purring.
Anne Palmer I love the beauty of the Big Cats and hope this little bit will help them achieve a good life.
Julia Armstrong I love big cat rescue they are a amazing at what they do an share a passion for these beautiful creatures like no other .
Wendy Matus anything to help the fuzzies =^..^=
Kimberly Hopkins Thanks Big Cat Rescue for all the love, hard work and dedication your organiztion has given these amazing creatures.
Edward McAllister I like ther work
Barbara Rowe They do what they can to make up for man's poor treatment of these magnificient animals.
Misty Maher I love Big Cats and I want to see them taken care of and supported the way Big Cat Resue does! Thanks and may God Bless!!
brent nolan I support all animal orgainzations that take care of any animals that need love and care.  Thank You for your great care of these magnificent cats.
TR LIGHT I have always had a special love and affinity for cats of all sizes and I am grateful to Big Cat Rescue,for saving these mistreated big cats and treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve!
Diane Watson Big Cat Rescue not only provides care for endangered cats, but gives them amazing love in their habitat and treatment !
Amy Bailey These magnificent creatures deserve a chance at a decent life.  Thank you for helping to give that to them!
Michael Tauber I'm so happy Big Cat Rescue exists!
Linda Miller Here is a very worthy organization right \in my own backyard \" that is trying to make a difference and I want to help!"
LeeAnne Wilhelm Excellent care is given to every cat that is rescued.  I have visited often and am happy to support their cause
Scott Ewing The Cats are beautiful and the staff truly care for their well being. It's the greatest place for cats to be.
Scott Chamberlin Their work is priceless. One trip to the rescue and you'll be forever sold.
Diane Pell I've always been an Animal Lover and Cats are my favorite. I feel more people should believe that Animals have feelings too and need our help. Many people believe that the human race is superior, if so then we should act responsible and care for all living creatures and our planet. Thanks to all who care and help.
Bob Baumgarner BigCat Rescue's employees and volunteers are caring people, they care very well for their animals, the grounds are kept clean, the habitats are much larger than the enclosures are in most zoos. Most of these cats have never lived in the wild, so they cannot be returned to the wild. The cats and their caregivers deserve support from all of us.
Sue Ann Messineo Big Cat Rescue is an awesome organization! They are trying so hard to do right by all of these animals, we all need to help.
Cindy Taylor I love the work this organization does - thank you Carole.
Aldana Vandervoort I have been to Big Cat Rescue & was awestruck by these beautiful cats. Go see for yourself!
Robert Lubarsky I love cats.
Marie Warner Help give these magnificent animals -- never meant to live and die in captivity - a dignified and healthy life at Big Cat Rescue.
Art Sbarsky Seeing the facility would make anyone feel the need to donate.  GO VISIT!!!!
Beverly Diehl I too have been to Big Cat Rescue several times, and they do a wonderful job taking care of the big cats that too often come from abusive and neglegant places.
merrill kramer BCR is simply the best: dedicated volunteers, noe contented cats, important educational mission and a great tour for the public. Proving that we can ALL make a difference!!
Deanne DSouza I love the big cats! BCR is a wonderful place ran by great people who make a difference in these magnificent animals lives. Thank you for all your work!
Loretta Lehman These cats represent the last great wild animals on earth and helping to give them a home when they have none is an honor.
Marni Huebner-Tiborsky Big Cat Rescue is commited to saving Tigers, Lions, Ligers, Leopards, and all manner of Big Cats from starvation, hunting and loss of habitat. Their mission is to create a safe, loving, habitat for these beautiful creatures.
Michelle Cork We need Big Cat Rescue to help right all the ignorance of people purchasing these beautiful animals to try and make money off them or keep them as pets.
Nadine Kostiuk As an emerging Wildlife-Equine Artist, who supports (through my art), the sanctuary best-suited to help the subjects I paint, Big Cat Rescue is one of the very best. They not only provide wonderful 'wild' homes for their felines, but they are extremely aggressive in their efforts to educate people not to inadvertently, through misinformation & blind ignorance, support those horrifically ignorant & cruel individuals/ organizations that  perpetuate cruelty & threaten the very existence of these magnificent creatures. Humanity needs them - wild & free! (
Rose Kapka Because they provide a wonderful care and home for these cats that really deserve it.  I've been there 2 times and I have seen for myself the care they get.
Lisette Mayas I support this organization because of the amazing time and effort the staff and volunteers put in to ensure that these cats live out the rest of their lives in peace and happiness.
Dan Kane These fantastic animals are at our mercy.  They would much rather live in their natural habitat.  We have either destroyed it or removed them from it.  The least we can do is try to make them as comfortable as possible for the remainder of their lives.
Colleen Kasperek Big Cat Rescue really walks the walk!  Take a tour of this wonderful place and you'll see for yourself.  They rescue the victims of human greed and ignorance!
Sandor . I adore all cats,,large and small. They need our help!!!!
Monica Morris I visited Big Cat Rescue a few years back and the care for the cats was just amazing.  Since then I've been keeping up with Hope and the stories of all the cats and the Rescue just does wonderful work.
Debra Bryant We toured the facility on a family trip to Florida taking a photo shoot.  We are grateful for a nice place for unwanted and uncared for Big Cats.  Thanks for all you do!
Pat Shear Had the privilige of visiting Big Cat Rescue a few years ago and seeing the amazing work that is done there to help these beautiful animals.  To the entire staff: Bless you for all you do!
Kim Thornadtsson I love what they do for the cats.  They are a much needed sanctuary for these beautiful animals that have been exploited and abused, or abandoned, and they provide a life of comfort and dignity for them.
Steve Carter These folks do a wonderful job of rescuing all types of big cats from inept or abusive owners, an untimely end at the taxidermist, injuries suffered in the wild, etc.  They do a great job of providing loving care and enrichment for the animals, and educating the public.  A wonderful place to visit and bring your kids, and my daughter's favorite charity.
Carter Sanders I am no longer a FL resident, but I really support this organization's good work. I hope to visit next time I'm in town.
Denise Martin Great place to visit when in Florida.  They rescue all kinds of Big Cats. From Circus lions to cats that people thought they could keep as pets. Great Organization!
Linda Orlando The Big Cat Rescue is an awesome, unique, and much needed sanctuary for our beautiful feline friends. I hope one day they will not be needed, until then......Thanks BCR for all you do!
amy davis It's necessary in this evil world we live in.  The cats should be in the wild, but that's not an option.
Laura Flynn Wild Animals are NOT Pets !!!
Melissa Hughes-Wright Because Every Animal Needs A Home and We are the Cause of Their Habitats being taken away from Them.
Michelle Andria This organization is so dedicated to big cats and has made a huge difference.
Michael Remkus This organization proves there are still good people in this world! They care for innocent, beautiful animals that deserve the love they get from BCR. Keep up the good work!
Michelle Lewis Great cause and love all the Big Cats!!!
Betty Schino The folks at BCR are AWESOME!  All the cats are SO fortunate to have such a wonderful \forever home\"
Jim Regan I think felines of all sizes are God's most amazing & wonderful creation and they need our help. Small cats can live with me; big cats can't.
Greg Meadows Thank you for everything you do for the big cats!
Renate Bell Big Cat Rescue is such a wonderful sanctuary, from the care and attention given, the friendly staff and volunteer crew who make it all happen, the beautiful, amazing cats, big and small, and to Carole Baskin herself, for having the vision and the heart to create this protective, serene 'retirement home' for so many deserving big cats as well as for expanding its effectiveness for students as an educational center. I highly recommend making a donation to BCR. I have visited personally and know each dollar given is appreciated and used wisely.
Jackie Crouch I support them because I strongly believe in what they do.  Big Cats are not meant to be pets or caged.
Stacy Avila I support Big Cat Rescue because I love cats big and small and they all deserve to be loved and cared for and treated with kindness. This organization does great work for the animals.
dawn dodson Big cat rescue does a great job caring for the big cats in their care and around the world. God judges all who mistreats his creations.
Catherine Hamel These wonderful Big Cats should never, EVER have been domesticated or kept in pens. All animals should be free. God Bless ALL who help to make life more pleasant for these most magnificent Big Cats.
Sharon Sherley These beautiful animals will disappear if we do not help!
Jenn Rhoads Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do!
Joy Jaffe For all the hard work you do for the animals.
Kendra Moore Thanks for everything you do for the cats!!
Leslie Campbell I support Big Cat Rescue because I know my donations are going directly to aide and care for cats of all sizes!
Christine White Big Cat Rescue fills an important need in rescuing big cats, as well as educating the public about the need for tighter legislation to protect these cats both in the wild and in captivity.
Roisin Shanahan I think Big Cat Rescue is doing wonderful work for these magnificent animals and I want to do a little to help
Donna Douglas BCR is my favorite charity and they do great work.
Natasha Wouters My internship at BCR was an absolutely amazing and rewarding experience! I will never forget my time at BCR and I will always support their mission :D
Joan Carpenter I have been following recent news about circus elephants and was struck by the number of Tigers that are in similar circumstances.  I really have no personal connection with big cats and found your website helpfull to be able to better appreciate them.
Dee DeSantis I support Big Cat Rescue and the wonderful work they do providing safe, natural habitats for abused, unwanted, and neglected big cats.
Nichole Yettaw Big Cats, like many animals lately, have been unfairly treated.  They are beautiful creatures that suffer because of humans--it's time that humans step up and protect them.  It's time to right the wrongs of the past and make sure these cats continue to be around in the future.
Emily Damron Our support of Big Cat Rescue is a direct result of the publication we receive from them and our 8 yr old's love for big cats
Angel Leishman This organization really cares for these beautiful cats!!  I had the pleasure of visiting a couple years ago and what they do with the little bit of money they recieve is amazing!!!
Julie Goodger I support the great efforts of Big Cat Rescue.  They're doing a wonderful job for all of the cats.
Joanna Kennedy They do good work.
Karen Phillips BCR is a wonderful organization that I had the pleasure to visit, and I heartily support their efforts to give these beautiful cats a better life than they have been given.
Tami Vardamis They all need love.
Jennifer Hoffman Good organization
Derek Bruening These magnificent cats deserve the best life we can give them
Atte Virtanen Thank you for all you have done for these wonderful creatures! Keep up the great work!
Anna Gabrielli This is an absolutely wonderful cause! I'm glad I can support them in their mission to rescue big cats from harm.
Lane Singer love cats
Darlene Elko Wild animals brought into our lives require respect and care. Yes, we can make a difference!
Patricia Van Dyke Some idiot took them out of the wild now we have to take care of them
Mark Kemp Keep up great work. Went on a tour in 2005 and has been a fan since then.
Jodi Sullivan For Tony in Grosse Tete, LA.
Anne Laquidara I care what happens to the cats and this is a wonderful organization.
Deborah Albert Outstanding organization for the care of Big Cats and education of the public
Sally Moore I have visited Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL, and have been a big cat fan all my life!
Valerie Ray The rescues that this organization does are incredible, and I write my legislators on a regular basis now in support of animal rights.
Linda Stepharnoff Big Cat Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and caring for as many abused Big Cats as they are able to.  The donations made, no matter how small, make a huge difference to this Outstanding Sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue.  It's truley a remarkable place to visit.
Richard Krause for the cats
Sunliner Motel These beautiful and majestic cats may be with us only for a short time longer since they are greatly endangered. These cats in particular have been through quite a bit of anguish so let's appreciate them and contribute some good to their lives.
Meredith Pennino From the biggest to the smallest cats, all are loved at Big Cat Rescue!  >^,,^<
Lynn C. Lang Big Cat Rescue is a superbly well-run sanctuary for the cats who really need it.
william ozuna For the Big Cats who need help
Enrico Pelausa I love what they do for the cats, it's a shame more can't be helped and saved.
Patricia Pazsint So that these poor cats might know some of the comfort, care, and dignity they should have had since day 1.
Kelly Blakley Love big cats!!
Shannon O'Brien-Lundburg because animals hurt too & they shouldn't have to!
Janice Heckert because I care
Hannah Beldyga Big Cats are beautiful creatures and we need to speak up for them before they go extinct!
Bernice Rossana Honoring the Spirit of these Great Animals
Jennifer Jones Thank you for saving the Big Cats!
K.C. Talleur Big thanks to Big Cat Rescue and all the volunteers for all they do!
sole marittimi For all the great work you do to help these wonderful animals. Thank you.
Ellie Barker You can be sure 100% of your donation goes to the Cats!!
Jean Austin the lives of the creatures reveals what is inside us.To rescue one is to rescue our own soul.
Katie Rugh Big Cat Rescue is truly dedicated not just to the care of exotic animals, but also to their long-term needs, and shows this through their tireless lobbying to change exotic animal legislation.
Laura Lidral Big Cat Rescue my favorite Florida charity.  I have visited the facility and the cats are so well cared for and they seem happy. The cats that can't be released back into the wild have wonderful enclosures and plenty of enrichment.  Those that can are rehabilited if necessary and released when they are ready.
Lisa Iannizoto I have personally taken a tour at Big Cat Rescue and I fell in love with all of the cats.  They are so beautiful!  I'm going back to visit again and see the new Liger, Freckles and his tiger friends, Cookie & Alex.
Susan Grossman I wish there were more groups who could give back to wildlife the way that this organization has.
sharon marszal As a former volunteer, I know firsthand that the money will be used properly.
Diane Ortenzio-Cooling One of the best rescue organizations in existence. They help big cats have a good home forever.
Arlene Hoffer You are great people cleaning up the mess of stupid, cruel, selfish people.
ulrike krueger I believe that all the workers at Big Cat Rescue are doing their absolute best to help the neglected wild cats that should never have been put into the positions that have occured. Thanks to Big Cat Rescue these poor creature have a chance at a decent life, which should never have been denied them.


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