Putting good stewardship into the constitution

Help Ecudor change their constitution to consider protecting wild animals and wild places.  Spanish and English versions, as provided to me, below:


Honorables Asambleístas

 Cordial saludo

Como habitantes de un mismo planeta hemos observado con atención el proceso de reforma constitucional que se lleva acabo en el Ecuador espacialmente en lo concerniente al tema ambiental toda vez que sus manifestaciones de vida vegetal y animal no conocen mas fronteras que las barreras de la misma naturaleza.

A pesar de ver con interés los esfuerzos que se adelantan  para concretar los derechos de la naturaleza, seria un error insistir en un modelo de desarrollo basado en la sostenibilidad económica y no en la sustentabilidad de la naturaleza.

El derecho a vivir en un ambiente sano, ecológicamente equilibrado y libre de contaminación debe ser un principio y prioridad del desarrollo. Asimismo debe constar de manera explícita en la constitución la prohibición de cualquier tipo de maltrato, tortura o muerte cruel la cual debe ser la base de relación con los animales, a los cuales es indispensable se les reconozca como sujeto de derechos.

 Pero para proteger el ambiente y sus  manifestaciones de vida vegetal y animal es necesario el optimo funcionamiento de instancias que garanticen, defiendan y controlen estos derechos, tal como  judicializar a infractores de estas.

Les solicitamos que la Propuesta de CONSTITUCIÓN ECOLÓGICA sea incluida en la reforma constitucional.













On june 5 the table of rihgts of the constitutional assambly of Ecuador will discuss the content that will be insert in the rihgts of the nature as, thats way we ask once again for your help.


We ask for:


1) Add to your planed actvities of the environment day posters of the ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION and send the photographys to the President of the Assambly



2) Give a letter  to the Ecuatorian ambassador o or consul of your city. This coud also be done with a meeting.


3) Send letters to the Assambly members





Please send copy of your letter or photographys to this E-mail





Thank you


Fraternal and solidarity,



Terry H


International coordinater

Solidarity campaign with the ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION


derechoanimalec@gmail.com derechoanimal2ec@gmail.com, constitucionecologica@gmail.com


(code of the cel  phone of your country)+(code of Colombia)57+(number of my cel phone)316 739 93


Assambly members


President Assambly

ALBERTO ACOSTA – alacosta48@yahoo.com- http://asambleaconstituyente.gov.ec/blogs/alberto_acosta/


Second vicepresident Assambly

AMINTA BUENAÑO – aminta_br@yahoo.com – http://asambleaconstituyente.gov.ec/blogs/aminta/


Rigths table president

MARIA MOLINA- http://asambleaconstituyente.gov.ec/blogs/maria_molina/


FERNANDO CORDERO – fcorderoc@mac.com


DIANA ACOSTA – diana@acostaabogados.com.ec


SOFIA ESPIN – sofiaespin@hotmail.com






Honorble member of de constitutional assambly


Receive my grettings


 As inhabitant of the Earth we have been watching with interest the constitutional reform in Ecuador, especially the environment issue in the idea that its animal and vegetable expressions of life dont know more borders that the impose by

 nature it self.

In spite of  the interest with which we observe the efforts that are being made to specify the rights of the nature, it woud be a mistake to insist in a sustainable development based on a economic motivation and not at one based on nature defense.

The right to live in a contamination free, healthy and well-balanced  environment must be principle and a priority of development. In the same way it must be explicit in the constitution the ban of any way to torture, hurt or kill with cruelty a animal as a base of a relationship with animals, that must be recognize animals as subject of rights.


But tu protect environment and its animal and vegetable expressions of life its necessary optimum working of institutes that guarantee, defend and control this rights and judge offenses tu these.

I request to include  the ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION proposal in the constitution reform.

Best wishes





For the cats,

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