Quality control, cellular life span, and loose stool…(now there’s some interesting topics!)…

Quality control, cellular life span, and loose stool…(now there’s some interesting topics!)…

A note added to my message of the Diamond Pet Food recall settlement…the settlement agreement specifically states that Diamond Pet Food “did nothing illegal”. Sad…but true…they didn’t.

There are NO laws that mandate quality control testing for pet food. Quality control practices are only ‘recommended’ by AAFCO left up to each manufacturer to follow or not to follow. So yes, Diamond Pet Food did absolutely nothing illegal – immoral maybe, but not illegal. If you’d like to help keep pet food safe, write your state’s Department of Agriculture and tell them you’d like to see mandatory testing of pet food. It could really help!

To the person(s) that inquired about the scientific study that determined the average size dog should live to 25 years and cats to 30…I have not gotten a copy of the report (yet) but this is what I know of the study…

Drs. Diane Hericowa (not at all sure about the spelling), Michael Hand, and Ted Mosier looked at the cellular life span of many different species of animals. My understanding (non scientific understanding) is that on a cellular level we are all programmed to die at a certain age or as it was explained to me, our cells are programmed to die at a certain age. Genetics determine the ‘cellular death’ age and toxins, disease, environment, and nutrition all play a role in the chances that we reach our genetically determined age goal. The above mentioned doctors – when looking at the cellular design of an average size dog determined the cellular life span to be 25 years – when they looked at the cellular design of cats determined the cellular life span to be 30 years.

This study is very compelling to me. The next dog or cat I get – I want to find a breeder that has been feeding a quality food for several generations prior to this puppy or kitten. I want the best odds I can get for a healthy baby – and a long life.

Natural treatment for loose stool. Just learned of this – it’s natural and I think a good thing to know for our 4 legged babies. Probably more appropriate for dogs. Cook 1 cup of rice in 2 ½ cups of water – doesn’t matter what kind of rice (no seasoned rice however). After cooking the rice – you will add the rice water to your pet’s food. The rice water draws the moisture out of the intestines – a natural way to firm stool.


Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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