Rare White Lions Need Your Protection

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An Urgent Plea from the
Global White Lion Protection Trust

Linda Tucker. lindaat@iafrica.com

By Meg Jordan, Global Health Media
With reporting from Jenny Gardy and Linda Tucker

(San Francisco, CA — ) A world without White Lions is not just a tragedy of reckless greed, but a serious omen for the world’s survival. That dire warning is part of an ancient legend among African shamans and the Shangaan tribe about White Lions born exclusively to one place on earth—the Timbavati region neighboring the Kruger National Park. The word Timbavati means “the place where Star Lions came down,” and the majestic creatures are said to be descendants of celestial beings that gave rise to a sacred lineage of noble African kings.

Just as the Camelot legend insisted that the land would only flourish when the once-and-future king returned, the Timbavati legend holds that the earth itself will shift to a higher consciousness once the White Lions return to their natural kingdom. But the purchase of more habitats is critical for their survival.

Whether or not you believe the prophecy, the rescue and protection of these rare animals is a noble undertaking that not only safeguards their future but also restores the Sacred Lands and natural habitats.

For decades, the White Lions were artificially removed from their natural habitat, shot or held in captivity in trophy hunting camps in South Africa, and zoos and circuses around the globe. Because of their forced removals, they have been extinct in the wild since 1993.

But now, through the heroic efforts of Linda Tucker (author of The Mystery of the White Lions) and her Global White Lion Protection Trust, the pride of Africa was saved from the brink of extinction. The trophy hunting industry would have shot every last White Lion if Tucker hadn’t worked with African elders and rescued a famous white lioness called Marah and her three cubs. They were the first White Lions to set paw back in the land that is their birthright, after more than a decade of extinction in the wilds.
According to Tucker, “Against tremendous odds, we have initiated a world-first reintroduction program of the White Lions back to their endemic range. Using careful long-term scientific monitoring, and boma-bonding methods, the first phase of this is now completed. The White Lions’ success in their natural environment has exceeded our wildest expectations.”
In order to safeguard their long-term future, the White Lion Trust needs several million dollars to reclaim the neighboring lands. Lions require territorial balance and large tracts of land in order to assure that re-introduction efforts are successful. The Trust is securing a deposit of 500,000 Rand (R7 – $1 USD) in time for an auction next week, but the larger sum is required or the efforts to date may be fruitless due to the actions of a competing reserve, which is not what most international citizens think of as a “reserve” but rather a money-making venture promoting the hunting of lions as trophies.
Tucker’s plea is being echoed by conservation groups the world over, and all interested parties are asked to reach her at The Global White Lion Protection Trust, Linda Tucker. lindaat@iafrica.com

The White Lions have been featured on CBS specials and Animal Planet International.

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