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Great job Julie!

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 3:57 PM, Julie Hanan <> wrote:

Yesterday, I saw something that shocked me when I clicked on Farm Sanctuary's "Peace for the Animals" Holiday Auction, endorsed by Ellen DeGenerous and a myriad of other celebrities.  (Farm Sanctuary is a bicoastal, fantastic organization advocating against factory farming).  There, in the listings of opportunities you could bid on, was lunch with Loretta Swit beside a picture of her holding 2 little tiger cubs.
I immediately wrote a letter to the Farm Sanctuary explaining what a difficult position this puts me in as a strong supporter of theirs.  I took the opportunity to educate them on the reality of photo ops, just like this one, and how inappropriate it is for a fellow rescue organization to feature it as part of their fundraising drive.
I was happy to receive their immediate response below.  I wanted to share it with you so you can see how awesome it is when you write a letter and educate people about something they've never thought about – even when they're in the animal rescue "business" also.  Moral being, please keep writing those letters……..they make a difference!!
Dear Julie,


Thank you for writing and for all of your support of Farm Sanctuary. We are grateful to have you as a member. While we are farm animal focused, we are an animal rights organization and would never condone cruelty to any species.


The photo of Loretta in our auction was in poor taste, but she is a devoted animal advocate, and while we can’t speak on her behalf, I doubt she would use that photo if the context was in an exploitative manner to animals. Loretta sent us a much better photo of herself to use, and it was replaced yesterday.


Thank you for sharing with us your concerns and for all of the work you do on behalf of animals.


Warm wishes from the farm,

Krysta Vollbrecht
Farm Sanctuary

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