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The Circus Is Coming To Town


posted May 17, 2006 in Opinions


Ringling Brothers Circus will be in town starting May 24-28. With this comes pain and suffering for the animals that will be performing. All animals suffer from living in small and cramped cages. They don’t get the exercise that is needed to keep them healthy. Their entire life is living in these cages and entertaining the public.


I don’t think the public knows the inhumane treatment these creatures receive day in and day out. I would hope that people take the time to look into the conditions these animals live in, especially since Ringling Brothers has been cited over and over with abuses involving their animals, especially the elephants. Elephants have died while in the care of Ringling Brothers, where animals aren’t given veterinary care, and where there is failure to provide sufficient space for them to live in, and the list goes on.


Elephants that live in the wild may walk many miles a day. With Ringling Brothers they can walk only a few steps before they are stopped by chains around their legs. Elephants will sleep four hour a day, with Ringling Brothers they are too stressed to feel secure enough to lie down. Ringling Brothers wants you to believe they don’t use wild elephants, yet the Asian Elephant Stud Book, the industries resource for information on elephant births, deaths and captures, shows that the majority of Ringling’s elephants were captured in the wild.


Ringling Brothers wants you to think that the animals enjoy doing the tricks that they do to entertain us. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a big cat jump through a hoop, oh yeah, when it was on fire, in the wild? The elephants are beaten with whips, bull hooks, muzzles, and electric prods to get them to perform. An elephant being made to stand on its head is torture, especially from the weight these animals weigh. Most people can’t stand on their heads, so why would we expect these creatures to do so. One of the trainers is on a video that the public can view ( saying, ‘hit them till they scream’. If this isn’t torture, what is? There are elephants that are being made to perform even now with injuries.


There are so many other circuses out there that don’t use animals. They’re entertaining, and funny, and the whole family can enjoy them. The best thing is, that these people perform because they want too, the animals that are beaten into submission have not been given the right to say yes or no.


Please do the right thing.


Elizabeth Ferrari

Saving Animals Via Education (S.A.V.E.)

Soddy Daisy



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