Reports of mountain lion sightings increasingly common

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the bean patch, out of sight.


“I really wasn’t scared, I was just truly amazed at that thing,” she said. “I was shocked.”


While she took pictures with her phone, being a good distance away, the size of the cat wasn’t easily determinable in the photos.


Brown said she was the only witness to the unusual sight. She called animal control, and while someone came out to investigate, they didn’t go searching for the animal in the bean patch, she said, adding she didn’t think they believed it was the real thing.


Once a nonbeliever, Brown now says the large cats do exist in Topeka.


Capt. Rob Ladner, with the law enforcement division of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, said he gets calls on mountain lion sightings like Brown’s once or twice a week.


But as for actual, confirmed sightings in Topeka? In his 32 years with the department, none exist, he says.


“When you get them around town, it’s hard to say what it could be,” Ladner said. “It could be a mountain lion, but it could also be a lot of other things. There’s a lot of misidentification that goes on out there. I think a lot of them are bobcats.”


“When peop

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