Reports of mountain lion sightings increasingly common

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Ladner said he has gotten mountain lion calls everywhere — from on the campus of Washburn University and The University of Kansas to Lawrence High School and near Heartland Park Topeka.


One time, Ladner said he received a call of a chupacabra in Topeka. Widely believed to be a mythical animal, Ladner said it is often confused with a coyote with mange.


Ronnie Duckworth, one of three animal control officers with the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office, also said he has never seen a documented case of a mountain lion in the area. Duckworth does deal with wildlife but not many mountain lion reports. When he does get a report of one, it is often passed on to the KDWPT.


“You never know what we’ll get a call on,” Duckworth said.


As for advice to the public if one believes they have seen a mountain lion: Get good evidence, such as tracks, photos or even droppings.


“Sometimes it’s hard not to be skeptical,” Ladner said, “but we do check them out as best as we can.”


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