Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Funding Available

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Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Funding Available

Federal Grants
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WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 – The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has 35 discretionary cooperative agreement or grant opportunities for programs focused on the protection of rhinoceroses and tigers.

The estimated total program funding available was cited as $1,200,000, although no specific amount for this award was indicated by the agency.

This funding opportunity is open to state, county, city, township and special district governments; institutions of higher education; non-profits; individuals; and government agencies responsible for rhinoceroses and/or tigers conservation and protection and any other organization or individual with demonstrated experience in rhinoceros and/or tiger conservation.

A funding opportunity notice from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service states: “The Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund supports projects that promote conservation through:

* Applied research on rhinoceros and tiger populations and their habitats, including surveys and monitoring;

* Development and execution of rhinoceros and tiger conservation management plans;

* Compliance with applicable treaties and laws that prohibit or regulate the taking or trade of rhinoceros and tigers or regulate the use and management of their habitat;

* Conservation education and community outreach;

* Enhanced protection of at-risk rhinoceros and tiger populations;

* Efforts to decrease human-rhinoceros and human-tiger conflicts; – Habitat conservation and management;

* Protected area/reserve management in important rhinoceros and tiger range;

* Strengthening local capacity to implement conservation programs;

* Transfrontier rhinoceros and tiger conservation; and

* Wildlife inspection, law enforcement, and forensics skills.”

The funding opportunity number is AFECF2010 (CFDA 15.620). It was posted Oct. 15 with an application closing date of Nov. 1.

The full text of the original grant posting from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is available from Targeted News Service. For more information, contact Tanya Lee at tanya@targetednews.com.



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