Royal White Tiger Discovery Exhibit comes to the 2009 Blue Bonnet Fest

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Royal White Tiger Discovery Exhibit comes to the 2009 Blue Bonnet Fest

May 26, 2009

Zoo Dynamics from Dallas, Texas is proud to announce the Royal White Tiger Discovery Exhibit is coming to this year’s Blue Bonnet Fest in La Vernia, May 31, 2009, for one day only.

The “Royal White Tiger Discovery” is a special outreach program that features, hands-on, interactive with the Keepers with conservation and education programs which goals are to promote and excite people to the many conservation issues involving the last five remaining species of tigers in the wild. This program exhibit has many daily activities such as daily feeding times, keeper conservation talks, and public participation. The public will be able to observe the keepers while feeding and handling the tigers which is an event that guest will not soon forget, and will also further spark the conservation interest in these magnificent animals. You may have seen some of our animals on Animal Planet?, LIFE Magazine?, and others, but to see the Royal White Tigers up close and personal, is an awesome experience ! Be sure to bring your cameras !

The Royal White Tiger has been extinct from the wild since 1958. The first White Tiger that came to the United States, was in 1961, and was presented to President Eisenhower at the White House (which then went to the National Zoo) as a gift from India. Check out the May 1961 National Geographic? for the complete exciting story.

Currently there are just over 40 of these magnificent animals on exhibit in the large accredited zoo’s in the United States, and it is believed just over 400 are in captive in the world.

Contacts: Marcus Cook, Animal Care Supervisor, 1-877-966-7767, Ext 705
Merrie Monaco, La Vernia Lions Club 210-710-3685

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New Jersey

Marcus Cook’s license to exhibit, or rather exploit animals, was revoked on Sept. 24, 2008. Read more at:

White tigers are not an endangered species or a natural occurrence.

To produce white tiger cubs, tigers are severely inbred, that is brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son.

Many are born with physical problems such as immune deficiency, strabismus (crossed eyes), scoliosis of the spine (distorted spine), cleft palates, mental impairments and face an early death.

For more in depth information please visit Big Cat Rescue’s page “The White Tiger Fraud”

It is saddening and angering to see this individual continue to exploit these animals with no regard for them or the public’s safety.

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