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Saving the Leopard Cats in the Wild

Dr. Jim Sanderson is someone who shares our belief that the money should go to the animals and not be wasted on salaries and benefits for those who are doing the fundraising.  If you contact him and say you want 100% of your donation to go to the Leopard Cats in the wild, that is exactly what will happen.

Dr. Jim Sanderson has been responsible for igniting a passion in local peoples for the Leopard Cats.  He works with teams of local scientist to camera trap and gather information on these rare wild cats all around the world.  He goes a step further and gets the people in the area to take pride in their natural resources so that they will help to protect these small cats that are on the brink of extinction.

Dr. Sanderson is working to establish six high priority long-term research sites in Bolivia, Borneo, Cambodia, Chile, China, and India. He also supports the efforts of alliance colleagues in Argentina, Brazil, India, Sarawak, Suriname, and Vietnam. Sustained camera photo-trapping efforts will enable him to monitor the populations of small cats and to detect changes in their population trends. Dr. Sanderson’s resourceful methods – carrying out arduous research with very limited resources – are the hallmark of a true entrepreneurial scientist.

To read more about this conservation effort go to:

To make a donation to help save snow leopards in the wild go to

To make a donation to help save them in captivity go to the Donate button above.

See what you can do to save Leopard Cats and see photos of the rare Prionailurus euptilura (currently known as Prionailurus bengalensis euptilura)
in the wild here:

On July 8th, 2002 we received this update in the field of conservation from Dr. Jim Sanderson:

I have all the radio-collars, traps etc for the Pampas cat study. I’m planning on Brazil in September and October. As you know I had to go to China in June.
While I was there I discovered a lot of cat skins for sale: tiger, snow leopard, leopard cat, golden cat, and Chinese Mountain Cat.

I found about 20 Amur leopard cat skins sewed together. As you appreciate the Amur leopard cat is now a subspecies of Leopard cat. I suspect, however, that like most species of Leopard cat this needs to be revised. Are there any pure bred Amur leopard cats in captivity or are they crosses with other leopard cats?

We have to stop this barbaric practice!

I think what we need to do is both blood and traditional taxonomic work to critically examine these cats. My guess is we will be forced to name them as full species.

I am on my way to Tanzania to put out more camera traps. Be gone the rest of July. I think I might return to China in August, then Brazil.

Jim Sanderson, Ph.D.
Center for Applied Biodiversity Science
Conservation International
1919 M Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036-3521 USA
202 912-1803 FAX: 202 912-0772

Download this 2008 report documenting 1,158 endangered and threatened exotic cats being illegally, yet openly sold in Myanmar markets.  The Wild Cat Trade in Myanmar

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