Sept 10 2016

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Serval Siblings Are Reunited

Yesterday's Keeper Log reported:  Zouletta ate 1 piece of chicken, 3 pieces of fresh red meat, and a Tennis Ball of mush (ground beef w/ vitamins)

Nala Serval Breaks a Leg

Yesterday morning, Nala Serval didn't come out to eat. When we called her to the side of the cage she was holding up her left foreleg. It turned out to be broken. She probably did it while bounding around after a bird or squirrel. She's an avid hunter and one of our youngest and most active cats.  Today Dr Justin Boorstein installed a plate to stabilize the break.  Surgery took about an hour and a half and went very well.  It was LIVE on

She will have to stay in small cages in the West Boensch Cat Hospital at Big Cat Resue for the next 8 weeks.  You can find the web cameras at   More about Nala here:

The Thin Green Line Foundation

In August 2016 Big Cat Rescue donated to the Thin Green Line Foundation. They are partnered with the International Ranger Federation and are the only organizations dedicated to protecting rangers. Every day, park rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife and habitats from poaching and other threats. Sadly, it’s estimated that over 1,000 park rangers have been killed in the line of duty over the past 10 years, 75% by commercial poachers and armed militia groups. The Thin Green Line Foundation provide rangers on the front-line of conservation with essential anti-poaching equipment and training, and financial support to the widows and orphans of park rangers killed in the line of duty. The species they work with include lions, tiger, elephants and Rhino.

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International Tiger Day July 29, 2016

In celebration of International Tiger Day 2016, Big Cat Rescue and Clemson University Tigers for Tigers teamed up in a fundraising effort to protect tigers in the wild. Clemson University Tigers for Tigers ( is a student-led group dedicated to preserving their mascot through education, research, and service learning on local and global levels. For International Tiger Day on July 29th, Big Cat Rescue and Clemson T4T designed PURR-fect t-shirts with 100% of t-shirt revenue being donated to the International Tiger (ITP). The fundraiser enabled us to send a donation $3350!

International-Tiger-DayThe International Tiger Project (ITP) is a not-for-profit project supporting Sumatran tiger conservation, rainforest protection, and local community partnerships. With less than 3,200 tigers left in the wild, projects such as this are essential for their continued existence. In the past century, we have lost 97% of tigers in the wild predominantly due to poaching and habitat loss. This loss has created a dire need for increased monitoring and conservation efforts of tiger species and the areas they inhabit. One major strategy employed by ITP to combat these issues is the use of camera traps to monitor tigers. The location of their work is the Bukit Tigapuluh Reserve, which has been identified as one of the priority landscapes for long-term tiger conservation in Sumatra. A Wildlife Protection Unit (WPU), initiated by ITP, adds additional protection for the tigers with an on-the-ground patrol that works with local communities to see that both tigers and humans remain safe and live in harmony. The WPU also provides employment opportunities for the community, thereby increasing the profile of the Sumatran tiger and its importance in the area.

You can read more about the work done by ITP here:

You can read more about the work done by the Thin Green Line Foundation here:


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