Sept 11 2016



Please take a moment to remember the attack on America on 9/11/2001 and be thankful for all that is good in your life.  We never know what tomorrow will bring.

Keeper Notes:

ARTEMIS Cougar: Wouldn’t even come out of her den.- 10am, gave her 3 bl ck thighs, she ate 1 half thigh and then ate grass. 1pm ate 1 cut up leopard red and 1 cut up ck thigh. PM ate 1lb Pork & Ck Thigh  Reported By: Babs / Sue M

NALA Serval:  Notes: Ate 8.5oz grd mush,turkey,chicken and beef with meds PM. Ate really well.  Reported By: Lauren B

nala serval morning after surgery

Shout out to Susann Mesna for capturing this image of Nala Serval the morning after Dr Justin Boorstein set the bone in her front left leg. Nala is 6 years old and an active hunter. She frequently runs through her enclosure and leaps into the air to go after birds and squirrels. No one saw it happen, but we think she must have poked her leg through the cage wall and fell, or landed on it at such an angle to break the radius and the ulna bones in her leg. She will have to spend 8 weeks in a small cage so the bone can fully heal. More about her at

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ZEUS Tiger:  Still having a hard time getting up for his lunch and eye drops, so we’re debating whether he should go on vacation.

Declawing Cats?

Paw Project documentary available for free until 9/22.

Follow them on Instagram. @pawproject and

Tell us what you think about declawing, defanging and tail docking in the comments.


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