Sept 12 2016

Jumanji Leopard was on the chart for drooling and will be caught in a few minutes and taken into the West Boensch Recovery Hospital.  After noon today Dr Justin Boorstein will check his teeth and possibly do a dental in the Windsong Memorial Hospital on the LIVE webcam here:

Since Zeus Tiger is just too feeble to make it to the Vacation Rotation enclosure, Cameron Lion and Zabu the white tiger are going there probably around 10:30 am.

Nala Serval acts like nothing ever happened. ┬áShe’s eating fine and taking her pain meds and antibiotics.

Nala Serval Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM Ate 9 oz ckn breast and gd beef with her meds/PM Refused all food offered. She was offered gd beef, gd pork, gd ckn, a chick, red, ckn breast, pork and turkey)
Reported By: Becky

Diablo the Savannah Cat is still acting like it’s the end of the world because Sassy Caracal moved in next door. ┬áHe may have figured out that he gets extra attention to be sure he eats and special treats with that act, though.

Mickey Cougar Date: Notes: and 14 pieces of red meat/PM Ate 1 lb 10 oz ckn and red Reported By: Rebecca W /Becky


Joseph Lion Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM Ate 3 ckn legs and 1 boned thigh(1.5 lb)/PM Ate 1/2 lb ckn livers with meds
Reported By: Becky

TJ Tiger Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM: ate 3.6 lbs of pork and chicken/PM Ate 4 lbs pork and 1 lb red (total for day 8 lbs 6 oz)
Reported By: Rebecca W /Becky

Hoover Tiger Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM ate 3lbs 6.7oz of red and mush/PM Ate 1 lb pork
Reported By: MC/Becky

Cameron Lion Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM Ate 2 boned ckn thighs(1lb)/PM Ate 2 boned thighs(1 lb)
Reported By: Becky

Banshee Bobcat Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: would not even leave his den, left all 8 oz of food/Mid Day Ate 6.2 oz red and ckn/PM Ate 9.1 oz gd beef and red and ckn Reported By: Fiona/Rebecca/Jocelin/Becky

Diablo Savannah Cat Date: 2016-09-11  Notes: AM Refused all food acting very nervous. /Mid Day refused all food./PM Ate 11 oz ckn and red
Reported By: Des/Becky/Jocelin/Becky

The Bobcat Rehab Expansion Project is underway. ┬áHere’s a sneak peek at the progress.

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Jumanji Leopard is drooling when he eats. ┬áJamie took a look in his mouth with a flashlight and there’s a dental appointment in his near future.

Zeus Tiger gets eye drops three times a day!

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