Sept 13 2016

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Jumanji Leopard Recovering

Jumanji Leopard has moved back out to his cat-a-tat.

Dr Justin Boorstein removed a mass from the top right of Jumanji's mouth, and sent it off for testing. We are concerned because there was much more of the mass that wasn't reachable, above the gum line and Jumanji's body Xrays showed some abnormalities in his organs and lungs, along with advanced arthritis in his hips, knees and back. Dr Gingerich looked at the images we captured last night and says it could just be his little malformed molar that was causing the irritation.  If the mass isn't cancerous, and if Jumanji acts like it begins to bother him again, we will see about removing that molar.  We will be keeping a very close eye on his quality of life. Shout out to Cathy Sell for this image last night.

jumanji leopard mass removal cathy sell

Why isn't this cat called a Black Panther?

Great article on how cub petting leads to tiger poaching:


Today, MI-6 Secret Agent Monty eluded capture by an assassin sent by a foreign government.

With the assassin close on his tail, Secret Agent Monty was able to escape through a hole in the wall to safety on the Rock of Claws.

MI-6 Agent Monty has successfully infiltrated this foreign land, and has even made friends with one of the residents.  The resident, Spirit by name, has gone so far as to help Agent Monty elude capture by disabling the traps that have been set for him and sharing his food and water.

We will keep you informed on any new developments ….

From the BOB-RAT REHAB TIMES, 9.12.16

MI-6 Secret Agent Monty continues his progress on his mission of Interspecies Communication.  There were two attempts on his life yesterday.

SA Monty reported that yesterday morning his roommate, code name Spirit, caught and quickly dispatched an agent who had infiltrated the compound.  The assassin cleverly dressed and posed  as a double for SA Monty, but Spirit knew the difference and that agent is no more.

Also, a strange being arrived trying to capture SA Monty, but he easily eluded the giant and escaped to the Den of Claws to watch from afar.  SA Monty has a feeling this giant will return with reinforcements, and is preparing an attack plan as we speak.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  M. Gandhi

So far Monty the rat has outsmarted all of us who have been trying to recapture him.  If you scroll back through all the comments at you will see lots of photos, videos and comments about Big Cat Rescue's latest "odd couple".

Moses and Bailey Take Separate Vacations

Bailey is still refusing to go on "vacation" with Moses, so he's left without her.  A week apart can be good for any relationship.

Have you ever had a cat that did as he or she pleased?  Tell us about it in the comments.

Hoover and TJ Tigers from the Sky

Cat moves updates

Cameron and Zabu are on vacation. Max and MaryAnn are locked in the side to the wedding arbor so work can be done in the other sides of their cages.

Everyone Needs a Coin Purse 

and cats gotta eat!



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