Sept 14 2016

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From the BOB-RAT REHAB TIMES, 9.13.16


The attempts on Agent Monty’s life continue.  This afternoon at approximately 3 PM a Walking Tree set a new trap for Agent Monty – unaware that he was watching the whole time from behind the bamboo curtain.  Agent Monty reappeared when the Walking Tree was leaving, camouflaging himself in the underbrush in front of Rock of Claws.

spirit feather and monty

Spirit Feather and Monty photo by Ganondorf Dragmire

Once the tree left, Agent Monty examined the trap.  “They keep leaving me food gifts,” he thought.  “But not the right stuff.  And someone should tell them I like my water dish shaken, not stirred” he mumbled as he walked away indignantly.  He immediately called an interspecies meeting with his roommate, Spirit, to determine what their next plan of action should be.

The plans have remained top secret; however, Spirit was shown giving Agent Monty lessons on how to climb the fence like a monkey.  Agent Monty obviously aced this lesson, because he was spotted later sitting on one of Spirit’s shelves.

Agent Monty lives to enjoy another day ….

Lori Duska

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  M. Gandhi


360 Videos of Jumanji Leopard's Exam and Mass Removal

Move the screen with your mouse, or spin around the room with your smart phone to see everything

Howard Welcomes the Body Shop

Air Big Cat Visits Hoover And TJ Tigers

Want to Help Save Cats & Get Cool Art Too?

How about this paw painting Jumanji Leopard did in his sleep?  It's a reproduction as the originals go to the Keepers who care for the cats.

jumanji paw print sale

CITES Invitation

Yesterday we invited 665 of the delegates to CITES to the film screening about ending the tiger trade.

Still in Second Place!

Big Cat Rescue is involved in two contests right now.

  1.  We could win $5000 if we end in first place by DAILY voting at

2.  We could win $1000 and $10 for everyone who registers at Goodworld.

Big Cat Rescue is excited to announce that we are purr-ticipating in a contest from GoodWorld throughout the month of September!

Every new person (those who have not previously donated via GoodWorld) who signs up at to donate to Big Cat Rescue will receive $10 in GoodWorld Credit to donate right back to us! That’s right,GoodWorld will GIVE YOU $10 in credit to donate to Big Cat Rescue!

Here are the easy instructions:

1. Sign up for GoodWorld here: and you’ll see you have $10 of GoodWorld Credit available in your GoodWorld Donor Dashboard.
2. #donate $10 to us on our Facebook by commenting #donate $10 on any of our posts to use your GoodWorld Credit. You can also donate more than $10 if you choose.
3. Refer your friends from your dashboard to get even more free donations! For each friend who signs up, you both get $5 to donate to Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue will also receive one point for each new person who signs up during September. The nonprofit with the most points at the end of September will receive a $5000 prize! That would feed one of our tigers for 6 months!

Thank you for helping to feed our cats!


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