Sept 16 2016

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Jumanji Leopard Feeling Better

Jumanji was pacing around in the cat hospital so we added more shade to his favorite outdoor spots and moved him back outside.  He seems very happy to be back home.

Cheetaro Leopard is the last leopard to vacation Leopard Island and move the the ring of leopards around the FunCation.  Leopard Island will now be called Cougar Island.  It is a section of the sanctuary, with a tour path around it making it an "island".

9/15/2016 Artemis isn't eating well.  It's looking like we will bring in Artemis Cougar for a dental and full body exam 9/20-21st probably after 4PM. It will be on this webcam: player/big-cat-rescue- windsong-memorial-cat-hospital

cougar pendant

Complaint To the Management:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the residents of Big Cat Rescue, are writing to protest a policy by the management regarding pets.  It seems that policy is being arbitrarily enforced throughout the complex.  The newest resident of BCR, by name of Spirit Feather Bobcat, has been allowed to have a pet rat for approximately the past three weeks.  It has also come to our attention that the kittens in the Kitten Cabana were allowed a pet skink for a day,

that Thor Bobcat had an opossum,

Mr. Claws Bobcat had a snake,

TJ Tiger and Hoover Tiger have turtles and fish, and Her Royal Lioness Nikita has a pet squirrel and a lizard!

We feel this is unfair to the rest of the residents here, and therefore we request that you rescind the No Pets Policy immediately.

Nala Serval wants a squirrel; CamBu wants some birds; Andre and Arthur Tigers want some ducklings.  And I don’t think anyone will argue with the fact that both Amanda and Joseph need emotional support animals.

The No Pets Policy needs to be rescinded immediately.  We anxiously await your response.


The Cats of Big Cat Rescue

(sent via Lori Duska, secretary to the Big Cats)

Videos by Cathy Sell


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