Sept 18 2016

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Max Bobcat Not Feeling Well

Max did not want eat at feeding time.  He hesitated to come in to lock out, was very nervous and started eating grass.  Later He was observed throwing up and with very liquid diarrhea in the middle of the cage, so it was out of reach.
About an hour later he ate 8oz of red in Maryanne's lockout.  We suspect the palm nuts that were all over his lockout might have played a part in his behavior, but we do not know if he ingested any part of them.  They have been completely removed from the lockout and adjacent areas.

Use Amazon Smile to Support the Cats

Want to access your Smile account from an iPhone or iPad?  Easy!

Open Safari and go to

Log in with your Amazon login

Hit the SHARE icon at the bottom of the screen (the square with the arrow pointing up)

Hit the Add to Home Screen icon (the square with rounded edges with the + sign in it)


You will see an icon direct to your Smile account (including Prime if you have it) on your phone's home screen.

If you have the regular Amazon app on your phone, it is a good idea to delete it so you do not forget and go there.

How Big Cat Rescue Got Started

WARNING:  Graphic images!  When I was asked to do a presentation about how Big Cat Rescue got started and how we used entrepreneurial tactics to build and grow, I created a Power Point presentation.  We've talked about hour history and growth in text before, but never a video, so I thought you might want to see it.  The presentation was being done to MBA students and at the end I would hand off to Howie to talk about running a non profit like a for profit, and his presentation doesn't have a Power Point or video yet, so that part is To Be Continued...

Do You Roku?

One of the ways I love to watch our videos is on Roku.  To see our Roku channel use this code:  BCR and this URL



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