Sept 22 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Nala Serval, Jumanji Leopard, Sassy Caracal, TJ & Hoover Tigers, and Cameron Lion are all doing well, given their recent challenges.

Artemis Cougar has joined her brothers, Ares and Orion, and they all three have access to the entire cage plus the wrap around cage next to the tunnel.

This morning Desiree the 3 legged serval's vacation is over and she'll be going back to her Cat-a-Tat.  JoJo the Caracal / Serval hybrid will go on vacation.

This would be the day for switching out cats on vacation in the 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation area too, but due to a change in our mowing schedule and the upcoming Wildcat Walkabout, Cameron and Zabu will stay there till next Thursday when the Texas Tigers will get their turn.

Protecting Florida Panthers

Big Cat Rescue signed on with several other organizations, including Animal Defenders International to oppose Canada’s Prop.5 for CITES CoP17 to downlist the Florida panther to Appendix II.  This would give Florida the green light to exterminate cougars in favor of development if passed.

Jamie Leaves Instructions for Team Spirit Feather

I have updated her chart, please check daily as what and how she gets fed changes.

If we have enough of the small rats we will continue to give in the feeding station thru Sunday.

On Monday begin giving 1 regular sized rat in the feeding station every other day and 2 small rats in the feeding station every other day.

Then on 9/28 feed 1 regular sized rat via the tunnel, then go back to using the feeding stations.

Then on 10/2 transfer to using the tunnels completely.

This will all have to be adjusted depending on if she will dispatch the larger rats.

blood-of-the-tiger-millsMom's Note:  I just have to say that my heart is about to swell right out of my chest with pride that Jamie will be representing Big Cat Rescue at CITES in South Africa for the next couple of weeks.  A huge shout out to Howard for handling all of the paperwork necessary to make that happen and for taking her and Justin to the airport at 4 am.  Shout out to Judy Mills, author of Blood of the Tiger and Debbie Banks at EIA for all of their help with the logistics and planning for the tiger side event to be sure the delegates have tigers on their minds at this 17th Conference of the Parties.

Ask USDA & USFWS to Stop Cub Exploitation

ACTION NEEDED! Please email USDA about sick cubs with contagious skin diseases being neglected and exploited at Zootastic Park in North Carolina!

This heartbreaking video of a white tiger cub with what we believe is ringworm and a liger cub with what appears to be a horrible case of mange was taken last Saturday, Sept 17, at Zootastic Park in North Carolina.

Please email USDA and politely request that an Inspector visit the facility immediately and obtain medical attention for these cubs! It's also a public health risk for visitors to be handling the white tiger cub.




2017 Big Cat Calendar

2017 big cat calendar

Calendar - Big Cat Rescue

Now that we are heading into the fall season and the weather is starting to cool down, it is the perfect time to go camping!


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