Sept 24 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

All of the cats on our watch list are doing about the same.

Foster Kittens Get Adopted!

Note from Karma to the Interns:  "Mickey, Minnie, Chester, Eevee, Piper, Daisy, Donald and Whiskers all found their purrever homes last week. Thank you for taking such great care of them!"

tank top

From Ms Claws To The Management:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I didn’t complain when you moved me to another enclosure.  I didn’t complain when you moved that needy baby in next door to me.  I didn’t complain when you put all new grass in her entire enclosure and I had to wait to have it installed in mine.  And I didn’t complain when she was allowed to have a pet rat for weeks on end – even though my request to have a pet raccoon was denied.

BUT – this exercise program you want me to keep her on is killing me.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth along the fence line.  Just how long do I have to keep this up to keep her in shape for her release?  This is gonna kill me.  And this morning to get her interested I had to cart my breakfast along with me.  By the time I finish her exercise program I will be too exhausted to eat and my bunny will be cold.

Video courtesy of Cathy Sell from the live webcam at

And talk?  OMG this baby talks my ear off – and of course it’s always when I’m trying to sleep.  I have no privacy anymore because she climbs the fence so she can see where I am, and then just lays on a shelf and watches me.

You should also know that at night there are all kinds of shenanigans going on over there; the noise level is just unreal.

Just how much longer to I have to put up with this?  I warn you, if this continues I may have to join Joseph in his harassment lawsuit.


Ms. Claws Bobcat (formerly Mrs. Claws)

(sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

spirit feather robin frye

Spirit Feather photo by Robin Frye

Zabu the White Tiger VS Wilson the Red Planet Ball

Video courtesy of  Susann Mesna from the live webcam at

Proud to be part of the Species Survival Network at CITES CoP 17 this Year!


The most important conservation event you’ve never heard of is about to start By David Shiffman September 23 at 7:00 AM

Jamie's report from CITES

After 20 hours traveling arrived here at 3 AM FL time/ 9 AM Africa time. Not much sleep.

cites cop17 airport
Thanks for arranging transport. Was nice to not have to worry about it. Finding out name in a sea of hundreds was fun ;) Everyone in this photo had a sign!

jamie boorstein cites
Had to wait until 2 PM to check in to the hotel. Got a couple hours sleep this afternoon.

Dropped off the pins and wine labels at the booth, which looks very professional.Got our badges. Going to a party tonight.

Judy is going to introduce us to people who are phasing out tiger farms to see how we can help.

I heard the SA president is coming to the opening ceremony tomorrow.

State Attorney Mark Ober Visits

We were delighted this week to have our area State Attorney Mark Ober and prosecutors on his staff Suzy Lopez, Pam Dato, Sara Messina and Amanda Ojeda show their passion for animals by visiting Big Cat Rescue.

Mr. Ober won an award for his office's active prosecution of animal related crimes. Thanks so much for making time for our cats and for all you do to protect animals from mistreatment!



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